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By Sammy Kiss on 3/20/2019 8:20 AM

Championship match Ends in Controversy!

Wildkat Sports ¡LUCHA LIBRE! Results

By Sammy Kiss

Wildkat Sports & Entertainment showcased another excellent evening of action with LUCHA LIBRE live from the Ace Hotel in downtown New Orleans. Amidst Agave week and the Top Taco Festival in the greater New Orleans area, Wildkat Sports put on a display of incredible highflying lucha libre wrestling. Here's what went down:

-Fortune 5k’s Nathan Bradley & Reginald Gates defeat Chuck Devine & Jace Valor (8:09)

-Amarok wins triple threat against Jonny Flex and Bu Ku Dao (8:02)

-Pump Patrol's Curt Matthews & Jared Wayne defeat the House of Harper's Edgrin Stone & Revolution Champion Matt Lancie (8:52)

-Damián 666 pins Danny Flamingo (6:17)

-Black Taurus pins Barrett Brown (7:55)

-Bestia 666 & Daga defeat “Hawx-Aeries” Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx (15:36)

-Steve Anthony retains the Wildkat Championship against J. Spade (16:42)

Wildkat Sports was sold out with standing room only for their inaugural Lucha Libré event at the Ace Hotel. Lucha Libré has been a staple of Wildkat for years, and the passionate crowd was hot for this from start to finish.

Fortune 5k vs Chuck Devine & Jace Valor

The opening contest saw a reluctant teaming of Chuck Devine with Jace Valor. The repugnant Devine has had his issues with Fortune 5k’s Nathan Bradley since his debut last year, and after the return of Fortune 5k’s Reginald Gates last Fall, Devine was forced to find a partner to even the odds. Jace Valor is no stranger to tag team wrestling, but the former Revolution Rumble winner has struggled ever since parting from the Mobile Home Mob. With the new Tag team championships looming in Wildkat's future, Valor and Devine attempted to put their differing ideologies to the side for mutual achievement. The two diametrically opposed superstars showed tremendous potential as a tandem, but their differing perspective on morals got in the way of taking down the well-oiled machine of Fortune 5k. Bradley and Gates picked up the win here, though all four men should be commended for an incredible contest to kick off the show that had the audience on their feet, giving the superstars multiple standing ovations for the sheer athleticism on display.

Bu Ku Dao vs Amarok vs Jonny Flex

The crowd was very much behind the the mysterious Amarok, making his way to Wildkat Sports all the way from Venezuela. That certainly is saying something, considering the popularity of other two men in the contest; The Sitsu-Asian is always a crowd favorite and had a lot of momentum after his huge win over Ryan Davidson in December. “The Biggest Man in Pro Wrestling” Jonny Flex also got a huge reaction and looked to make an impact following his controversial rematch with Matt Lancie for the Revolution Championship. The match was fast and furious with all three men showing why they are certainly contenders for future Championship opportunities, but it was the “Lone Wolf” Amarok who stood tall at the end of this one.

Pump Patrol vs The House of Harper

The next contest was fueled with animosity when the House of Harper and the Pump Patrol finally clashed. “The Sellout” Edgrin Stone and Revolution Champion Matt Lancie jumped Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne from behind at the start, and it was mayhem for the remainder of the contest. With the always invasive Chris Harper at ringside, the House of Harper remained in control for much of the match before Jared Wayne had endured enough of Harper's interference and dragged him by his tie up the entrance way to be choked out amongst audience. The referee had his hands full in this one, with action spilling all over the building. Inevitably, Harper would go one step too far with his antics, attempting to throw a handful of protein powder into Curt Matthew's face that backfired. With Lancie dispatched on the outside and Harper on the ground covered with protein powder, Matthews and Wayne rolled up Stone for the huge victory!

Danny Flamingo vs Damián 666

Are you L.W.o, or are you more of an f.W.o. person? The hot Lucha Libré crowd couldn't decide when legendary Luchador Damián 666 took on the “Chalmation Sensation” Danny Flamingo. The term “bowling shoe ugly” comes to mind for this brutal beat down of a matchup. At one point The Beast of Revelation forcibly removed this reluctant reporter's leather belt as a means to viciously pummel Flamingo before the tables turned and the Chalmation Sensation returned the favor. The brawl mercifully ended when Damián 666 hit La Valagueza on Flamingo for the victory. Both men embraced after match, a sign of great mutual respect. Flamingo had to be helped to the back after the contest, seemingly having issues with his left leg. Hopefully the injury isn't too serious.

Black Taurus vs Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown has been making huge waves on the independent scene lately. He made headlines when he recently competed against Andy Dalton in a 60 minute Iron-Man match. Even with all that momentum, it was a tough challenge for the 50 Caliber superstar to face off against the imposing Black Taurus. Brown gave it everything thing he had in a truly competitive contest that earned “this is awesome” chants from the sold out crowd. Ultimately braun overcame speed with a huge win for Black Taurus, who seems to have just begun to terrorize the Wildkat Sports landscape.

Bestia 666 & Daga vs Hawx-Aeries

At the start of 2019, Luke Hawx declared his new focus was teaming with his son, PJ Hawx. The father-son team have had great success so far as a tandem but were truly tested against the Luchador combination of Dragon Gate's Daga and former Wildkat Revolution Champion Bestia 666. A great competitive start between “El Hijo del Demonio” Bestia and the “Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx set the pace for a truly epic clash. The Prodigy PJ Hawx and Daga had an excellent exchange of German suplexes. In a somewhat shocking ending, Bestia 666 hit La Valagueza on The Southern Stomper for the 1-2-3. Great show of respect after the match from all four competitors. Hawx-Aeries laid out the challenge for a rematch in Tijuana, Mexico with the stipulation being that if Like and PJ won, then the rubber match would take place back at Wildkat Sports. Bestia 666 and Daga accepted, so we'll have to wait and see if Hawx-Aeries can tie up this rivalry and get that epic rematch back at Wildkat Sports one more time!

Wildkat World Championship: Steve Anthony (c) vs J. Spade

Controversy surrounded the Main event of the evening as the Exclamation Point defended his Wildkat Championship against challenger J Spade. Last Christmas the roles were reversed, with the Wildcard J Spade defending his 479 day reign as champion. That night, a new champion was crowned and the Wildcard's historic run was ended thanks to a fast count from Wildkat Senior Official Said Abumusa. Since that time, General Manager David Powers has defended Referee Said due to his track record in championship matches, so this rematch was set to end the controversy. With Said as official, Spade brought everything he had to the brazen new Champion Anthony. The Exclamation Point used every trick in the book keep the title, including tying Spade up in the ring apron. An intense back and forth contest showed why either of these two men deserved to be champion, with the crowd on the edge of their seat. Then it happened: during a pinfall cover from Anthony, Spade had his foot clearly on the bottom rope from the one count. Despite this, Said counted to three and declared Steve Anthony had retained! The crowd erupted in fury; reviewed footage shows Referee Said definitely should have seen the foot on the rope and seemed to ignored it. The Wildcard was furious as Said defended that he did not see any such thing.

As Official Said made his exit amongst a livid audience and and incensed J Spade in the ring, General Manager David Powers cut him off to make an announcement. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.. ..a fool can't be fooled again,” stated the General Manager before stripping Said of his senior official title and declaring he'd be banned from ever officiating a championship match at Wildkat Sports again! Powers also said a rematch between Spade and Steve Anthony would in fact take place for the Wildkat Championship at the next Wildkat Event!

What an incredible show to start Wildkat's 2019 year off with a bang! The Lucha Libre action was stellar from top to bottom of this card, and was a show this sold crowd won't soon forget!

Nothing was settled between J Spade and Steve Anthony, but the championship rematch has been set. We also saw how dense the tag team division at Wildkat Sports has become, clearly setting the stage for big things to come with Wildkat's Tag Team Championships in the future.