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By Mike Johnson on 3/27/2019 7:38 AM

Show: Tell All Your Friends
Location: Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON.

Jody Threat defeated Veda Scott with a spear.

Psycho Mike Rollins, Pepper Parks and Andy Williams defeated The Kevin Bennett Experience (Kevin Bennett, Idris Abraham and Joe Coleman), when Rollins and Pepper hit the Oil Change.  Post match, Pepper gave Mike a present to open, which turned out to be a creepy mask. Pepper then turned on Mike and left with Andy.

Sebastian Suave defeated Matt Cross with a low blow and a roll up. Post match, Suave's manager Kingdom James appeared to turn on him by punching him. Kingdom explained he wasn’t turning on Suave but was giving him a wake up call about his friends in The Pillars.

Tyson Dux defeated Jay Freddie with an arm trapped Boston crab.

Carter Mason defeated Jordynne Grace after countering a sunset flip.

Triple threat Tag: The Renegades defeated Disgraceland and Kill/Screen when they hit a Canadian 

Destroyer followed by a top rope double stomp.

Brian Cage defeated Speedball Mike Bailey with the Drillclaw.

Tarik defeated Brent Banks to retain the Smash Wrestling Championship with a detonation kick and 2nd rope knee.

Next show: March 31 at the London Music Hall in London, ON.

Scheduled for the show:
8 man tag: The Pillars vs Kill/Screen
Speedball Mike Bailey vs Kevin Bennett
The Renegades vs TDT
Carter Mason vs John Greed
Fatal Four Way: Nova vs Violet Lee vs Shilo vs Jody Threat
Smash Tag Team Championship: Halal Beefcake vs Wrestle Factory
Psycho Mike Rollins / Psycho Mike Rollins’ Conscience vs The Butcher & The Blade