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By Mike Johnson on 3/28/2019 7:49 AM

Anarchy Wrestling held its final HYPE TV Taping for FITE prior to the HARDCORE HELL 21 iPPV on 4-13-19. Jason Boyd was ring announcer. Greg Hunter & Nigel Sherrod were on commentary.

Boyd open the show by bringing out Slim J, who showed off his recently won trophy and championship belt from PWX and Disruptor Pro. He said Anarchy & Landmark Arena were home and he'd always return. Damien Bennett came out and interrupted Slim and said he'd been away from Anarchy because he was afraid of guys like him. Slim said he enjoyed kicking his ass but was just visiting and suggested a former student of his, which brought out CB Suave.

Suave defeated Bennett with a roll up in less than 10 seconds after Bennett made the mistake of turning his back on CB to say something to Slim J. Bennett said he wasn't ready and wanted the match restarted and CB said "why not"?

Damien Bennett defeated CB Suave with a roll up using Suave's tights. As Bennett celebrated and started to leave. Bill Behrens came out stopped him and order CB Suave vs Damien Bennett, 2 out of 3 Fall for Hardcore Hell on April 13.

Dynamic Dexter & Bolo defeated Brian Blaze and Shane Marx with TV Champion, Matt Hankins at ringside. Postmatch the Undeniable Team attacked both Dexter & Bolo tossed Bolo out and focus on doing real damage to Dexter until Azrael came out to drive them all from the ring.

Josh Wolverton (with Tyler Rivera) defeated Sal Rinauro.

Billy Buck faced AC Mack. If Buck won he would be in the TV Title match at Hardcore Hell. If not he would not wrestle on the show. If AC won he would get a TV match at anytime after Hardcore Hell. Dueling chants throughout for both guys. It looked like Billy Buck had won, but Matt Hankins brought out referee Daryl Hall who reluctantly told David Weakley that AC Mack had one shoulder clearly up outside of Weakley's viewpoint while Buck's shoulders were both down. With that, Weakley reversed his decision and Mack was declared the winner.

Current TV Champion Hankins tried to bond with Mack postmatch but Mack made it clear that wasn't happening.

Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore of the Approved came out and Hawkins talked about their match with Master & Machine (Marcus Kross & Griff Garrison) for the Anarchy Tag Team Titles at Hardcore Hell, noting that Kross was still not 100% because of an injured knee.

The Approved defeated Will Kaution & Azreal. Kaution & Azrael relatively controlled the match with Moore acting as the workhorse for the team while Adrian spent time taking off his suit slowly throughout the match. It looked like Moore was about to be defeated by Hawkins finally got involved, broke up the pin, tagged himself in and hit a quick codebreaker for the win. Postmatch Undeniable & Hankins attacked Azrael, likely as payback for his previous involvement in their attack on Dexter but maybe also because Hankins would defend the TV Title next again Azrael's wife, Crystal Rose.

As Crystal Rose came toward the ring, Hankins grabbed the referee turning him away and Marx & Blaze attacked her, and threw her into the ring. Hankins released the ref and asked for the bell to be ring starting the match, and cover Crystal for the pin but Crystal managed to kick out, and went on the attack, rocking Hankins with punches, stomping the hands of both Blaze & Marx who were ringside, even spanking Hankins at one point. But after another distraction of the ref, the numbers game took over and Crystal ended up being splashed by Hankins while down and pinned. Hankins then asked for Geter, the #1 contender for the TV Title, to come out and tried his best to get the recently frustrated Geter back into the Undeniable family. Crowd wanted the opposite and Geter made it cleared he wanted Hankins' TV Title which brought out Bill Behrens who confirmed Geter vs Hankins for the TV Title on April 13 at Hardcore Hell. Behrens also had some stipulations to add. If Hankins tried to get counted out he would forfeit the title to Geter. To be "fair", Behrens noted the Geter was a dangerous and experienced professional wrestler and Hankins not so much, so since all Geter needed was to get his hands on Hankins once to win, Behrens made that a challenge by adding the stipulation that Geter would be blindfolded. Lastly, to counter the regular interference in matches by Blaze & Marx, Behrens announced the special referee would be former champion Buck.

In the main event, Xander Ramon (with Stryknyn) faced Anarchy Champion Logan Creed (with Sal Rinauro) for the title. Jacob Ashworth was the special referee. After a back and forth physical match, Ramon caught Creed in an ankle lock submission. Creed reached for Rinauro and dragged him into the ring. Ashworth went to remove Rinauro while Stryknyn went to spear him. Rinauro moved and dragged Ashworth into the spear. With Ashworth down, the match continued and Ramon managed to once again get the ankle lock applied. Creed tapped but ref Ashworth was still down and recovered too late to see it. Creed managed to escape and caught Ramon with Scorched Earth to win the match.

At Hardcore Hell 21 on April 13 Anarchy Champion Creed and Anarchy Heritage Champion Stryknyn defend their titles in a Double Jeopardy Cage Match that includes Ashworth and Rinauro. If Creed or Stryknyn defeat either Rinauro or Ashworth, thematch ends. If either champion is pinned, the match ends and there's a new champion. If either champion escapes from the cage, he retains his title and is awarded the other title.

Hardcore Hell 21 on April 13 at the Landmark Arena will include the 2019 Hall of Fame induction and a Meet & Greet. Jeff G Bailey has been announced as the first inductee.