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By Rob Brodhecker on 3/28/2019 7:03 AM

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Carrollton on March 16

From Rob Brodhecker:

 A child dressed up as Dean Ambrose wins the costume contest, beating out a kid dressed up as Tommy Too Much, and two older ladies dressed as Sean Nelson, and the Ultimate Dragon, respectively.

5 matches are advertised for tonight including Sal Rinauro defending the Heritage Championship against The No Limits Champion, Ace Haven. This will be the first time Ace is challenging for the Heritage Title. PWA is continuing to bring in fresh talent but it remains to be seen if the newer talent can bring back some of the old crowd that has left the friendly confines of the VFW Fairgrounds. They have a core of die-hard fans that will show up but that will put the crowd at around 150, whereas past crowds were 250+ on average.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer. Your referees are Darryl Hall and Mason Pike.

Marko Wicker vs Shane Marx (with DeWitt Dawson)

Shane has become one of the top babyfaces in PWA since his return several months ago. Marko attacks Shane as he tries to get into the ring. Marko wraps Shane's shoulder around a ring post. DeWitt tries to pull Marko off and almost gets decked for his efforts. The bell rings once both men get into the ring. Marko is targeting the left shoulder. Shane wins at the 7:43 mark but Marko continues to attack after the match, leaving Shane on the ringside floor. A good opening match with Shane, who is super over, and Marko, who the fans despise.

Brad Cash vs Michael Stevens

Stevens is looking fantastic. For several months most of the fans were not sure about is they want Stevens as a good guy, but they are now cheering him wholeheartedly. Stevens has his hands full of the Suicide King Cash. Cash is dominating the first part of the match. A song starts playing at the 6:30 minute, "Believe" by Cher if you are interested. Cash seems to be confused by the music by Stevens feeds off of it and starts dancing and striking Cash at the same time to the crowds' delight. He gets a near fall but Cash nails him with a head but and that puts the end to Steven's rally and the song. Go and check the video of this, it great! Cash tries his own dance moves but eats a cutter and then a superkick by Stevens and gets pinned at 10:11. On paper, the introduction of the song midway through the match shouldn't have done anything except cause confusion, but the combination of the crowd being into Stevens and the work in the ring by Stevens and Cash, pulled it up and it shone. Some people might not like it but the crowd ate it up.

Sarah Dox vs Austynn Madison

Dox is making her PWA debut tonight. The crowd is already on Dox's case, doing an impersonation of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Austynn wins at the 8:04 in a rather okay ladies match. Austynn needs an antagonist to elevate her game.

"P-Dogg" Mike Posey vs Shane Noles

Posey didn't have his doo rag on and he's not feeling it enough to do his intro rap. Posey says that he's not going to do anything until Stevens returns Posey's doo-rag which Stevens took at the last show. Stevens comes out wearing the rag. Stevens coughs into it and then wipes his privates with it before giving it back to Posey. Posey finally gets the rag on and is ready to wrestle 4 minutes since the bell rang. Shane rips the rag off of Posey's head and tosses it back to Stevens. A pretty good match gets underway until Shane tries to superplex Posey, Posey fights out of it and knocks Shane to the canvas. Normally this is where Posey will to the leg drop from the top rope but Posey decides to dive on Stevens instead. They fight along ringside and Posey gets counted out. Shane wins at 11:34. Afterward, Shane asks Tommy Too Much for one more shot at the Heritage title on the April 20th. Tommy says that he will have to research on the wrestlers and see who is contention for the title and will give Shane a yes or no answer at the next show. Shane accepts that decision.


High Profile (Will Demented & Shea McGrady) vs Beauty and the Beast( Nate Wild &Ethan Cage) for the PWA Tag Team titles

This is High Profiles debut here at Peachstate. They are from the North Carolina APW area and are branching out across the Southeast. B&B have become favorites of the PWA faithful. Both teams are similar in that they feature an undersized guy and a larger guy. A double pin happens with Will on Nate and Ethan on Shea at 9:45. Both teams grab a belt and Tommy says that on April the 6th they will have a 2 out of 3 falls match to decide the championship.

Ace Haven with Amy Haven vs Sal Rinauro for the PWA Heritage Championships

30-minute time limit announced for the match.

A battle of fan favorites for the main title here at Peachstate. Ace is attempting to become the 3rd triple crown champion in PWA history. Sal is the second triple crown champion, Mike Posey is the other. Chain wrestling abounds in the most of the match. Both men are limber and nimble. I heard someone in the crowd utter the word boring, Shut yo mouth. No one can gain the advantage thus far. The action is on the ring apron with Sal gaining the upper hand briefly. Ace has gained the advantage with several near falls on Sal. Shane Marx and DeWitt Dawson are up on stage watching the match. Sal gets Ace up in the Razor's Edge and lands it but Ace gets his foot on the ropes. Momentum is being swapped every 30 seconds it seems. Both men up top and trading strikes. A Hurricanranna by Ace from the top rope, roll through by Sal into a double underhook powerbomb. Ace rolls to the outside. Both men trade stunners and superkicks. 30 seconds to go and both men are down. Time has expired. Tommy says that the match won't end that way and instructs Darryl to restart the match when both men get on their feet for 5 more minutes. Ace hits a cutter for a near fall right off the bell. Sal rolls to the apron and now both men out of the ring. Ace hits another cutter on the apron and both men are on the floor and Darryl is counting. Both men get in at the count of 9. Sal hits a move for a near fall. Ace gets Sal in a submission hold but Sal is able to get out. Sal hits his finisher to pin Ace at the 4:36 mark of the OT. This was a technical masterpiece. Sal says that everyone can go home and feel like they won something. He says that no one has ever taken him that deep with the match. Sal says that whenever Ace wants another shot, it's his and they shake hands.