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By Eric Denton on 5/10/2019 8:39 AM

Bar Wrestling: It's Gonna Be May                                     
Baldwin Park, CA 


DOOMFLY (Deliah  Doom & Eli Everfly) vs. Tyler Bateman & Brandon Cutler. Hot opener with three crowd favorites and Brandon Cutler. Doomfly gets the win when Deliah Doom does a roll up Spanish Fly on Tyler Bateman to score the 3 count. The undersized Doomies get it done again. 11 mins approx.

LUCHASAURUS vs. "Uptown" Andy Brown 

Crowd is solidly behind the half Luchador-half dinosaur. The cocky Andy Brown takes a lot of punishment much to the delight of the crowd. Brown with a springboard stunner and super kick for 2 but he can't put away Luchasaurus. Brown gets the pin with an awkward slam from the top rope followed with a Shinning Wizard for the 3. Brown & Luchasaurus shake hands like gentlemen/asaur.

PPRAY vs Heather Monroe & Jake Atlas 

During Avalon's injury absence Ray Rosas had been in a trios team with Monroe & Atlas. Drama ensues when Ray comes clean that he's upset about Peter taking a second job at the library. Rosas gets on the mic and proceeds to sing "Careless Whispers" by WHAM! PPRAY tease a break up all match long but only long enough to trick Monroe & Atlas. Superkicks and the 1 2 3. PPRay wins.

Joey Ryan vs. KC Spinelli 

KC Spinelli makes her Bar Wrestling debut but she has Joey Ryan scouted and she doesn't fall for his shenanigans. Ryan gets distracted trying to hit the blow pop superkick and gets rolled up for the loss. Nice outing for newcomer KC Spinelli. 

"SUPERKICK PARTY" Matt & Nick Jackson! 

The Young Bucks have arrived to hire a Bar Wrestling regular for All Elite Wrestling. Joey takes the mic and says after the Lucha Underground experience he's hired a lawyer and can't immediately sign a contract. 

Matt & Nick have to break it to Joey that "we didn't come here to offer you a contract for AEW."

Senior official Rick Knox comes to the ring. Bucks acknowledge the differences they've had in the past but there is only one referee that they want at Double Or Nothing to be the referee for their match against the Lucha Bros.

RockNes Monsters (YUMA & BHK), Ryan Taylor & WATTS vs. Taya Valkyrie, DAGA, Zokre & Phoenix Star

Lucha rules match that sees team Taya get the victory. Match elicits the rare (for Bar) "this is awesome chant". Terrific action from all involved. Match of the night. Honestly, if you don't have a Highspots subscription this match is worth giving it a try. Good stuff. 

Jungle Boy vs David Arquette 

Arquette starts the match letting everyone know he is crazy. He tries to kill himself by eating a package of Pop Rocks and washing it down with a Coca-Cola. Arquette hits the mat which concerns Jungle Boy. JB tries CPR or David but Arquette rolls him up for 2. Action in and out of the ring. Jungle Boy and Arquette hit dives and brawl into the crowd. Back into the ring and Arquette is able to get Pop Rocks and cola into Jungle Boys mouth. Arquette gloats as JB foams at the mouth. Arquette goes for a pin but is reversed into a small package for the 3. Jungle Boy is the winner. Arquette gets on the mic and tells the crowd while choking up saying "I loved your Dad and I love you". He then awarded Jungle Boy with his leopard print jacket.

Bar Wrestling returns to Baldwin Park on May 30. Eddie Edwards makes his debut.