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By Shannon Walsh, on 5/10/2019 4:45 PM

SHINE 58 live on FITE from Livonia, Michigan at the Knights of Columbus on 5/10/19. This is their full event debut in Michigan. Some SHINE showcase matches have taken place on EVOLVE shows at the venue in the past.

Color commentator Ron Niemi is no longer with WWN. Our friends over at PW Insider reported that he gave notice and it wasn’t a friendly end to the relationship. We reached out to Niemi and he was kind enough to reply to confirm things. He said it was time to move on and thanked us for supporting the indies.

These shows never start on time live so they aired the final couple of minutes of Allysin Kay winning back the Shine Title from Miyu Yamashita at the TJPW event in Japan on Monday.

They recapped Kay losing the title to Yamashita at WWN Mercury Rising in New York last month.

Some taped promos from Shotzi Blackheart, Aja Perera, Rainbow Bright, and Twisted Sisterz putting over the Michigan debut.

Trevin Adams kicks things off live at 3:21 pm and brings out home area girl Allysin Kay to the ring. She comes out with just the SHINE Title and there is no acknowledgement of her also being the NWA Women’s Champion.

Kay said she is still a little jet lagged but couldn’t think of a better place to bring the title back to than her home area. She asked Samantha Heights to come out to the ring for the match.

Kay said it was supposed to be a non-title match but she was feeling generous and will put the title on the line.

Mercedes Martinez came out and objected. She said she is tired of having to wait in line for a title shot. She said she’s supposed to have a title match on 6/29/19 but she wants it today instead.

Ivelisse came out and said she wil face whoever is champion after 6/29. I think it’s safe to say that Heights isn’t winning the title for sure because they telegraphed this. This was WWE level stuff where everyone cuts each other’s promos off one by one.

And now Adams said in his ring introduction that this will still be a non-title match as originally planned. Kay shouted to Heights “I tried!”

As expected, Lenny Leonard is by himself on the broadcast and no mention at all about Ron Niemi. He said the 6/29 show will be at LaBoom in Queens, N.Y.

Allysin Kay pinned Samantha Heights after The Big D.

This was a very good opener that let Heights get showcased a lot. She got in a lot of offense and kicked out of Kay’s AK-47.

ThunderKitty vs. Brandi Lauren

Lauren got the pin after a rolling neck breaker off the second rope.

Good technical match but Lauren is under WWN contract and getting a big push so the outcome was predictable.

Lindsay Snow vs. Marti Belle

Snow got the pin after a michinoku driver.

Kimber Lee vs. Santana (Garrett)

Santana is out there with SHINE Tag Champions Gabby Gilbert and Lucious Latasha with their unicorn props as potential weapons.

Santana got the pin after a super kick and the shining star press when Gilbert and Latasha distracted Lee and the referee by jumping up on the apron.

This picked up nice in the middle. Santana got a jackknife cover but Lee slipped away and tried to powerbomb Garrett, but Garrett turned it into a side Russian leg sweep. Later, Garrett tried to go for her handstand takeover move out of the corner, but Lee grabbed her legs and turned it into a Boston Crab.

Shine Nova Champion Aja Perera (with Ayla Fox) vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart won the title pinning Perera after the shadows over hell splash.

Perera and Fox showed class by handing over the title to Blackheart then all three were jumped by Santana, Gilbert, and Latasha.

Santana grabbed the belt and said she will be a triple crown champion. She left with the title as Gilbert and Latasha followed. I would expect Blackheart vs. Santana will be on the 6/29 show.

Ivelisse vs. Natalia Markova

Ivelisse got the pin after a roll through and a hard kick to the face.

Hard hitting match and Ivelisse’s chest looked red after it was over. Leonard said Markova was wrestling like it was the biggest match of her career.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Su Yung

Martinez got the pin after the fisherman buster.

They brawled into the crowd for a little bit. Lots of back and forth action to where it actually made you feel like Yung could win at times despite Martinez going for the title in June.

SHINE Tag Team Champions Gabby Gilbert and Lucious Latasha (with Santana) vs. Thunder Rosa and Holidead in a LumberJills Match

Latasha pinned Holidead after Santana gave her a hotshot on the top rope from the outside then held her leg down during the pin. Rosa took out Gilbert and others with a dive to the outside and couldn’t make the save.

Rose and Holidead beat up the referee after the match then they put Latasha through a table that they set up in the corner of the ring. The LumberJills stopped Santana and Gilbert from being able to make the save on the outside.

They really laid off of the GLOW style comedy stuff today. Most of the matches were predictable as Kay, Garrett, Martinez, Ivelisse, and Lauren are positioned as the top stars of the company but the in-ring action was solid the entire show.