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By Shannon Walsh, on 6/10/2019 6:16 AM

Sendai Girls Pro results of their “Big Show” event from Niigata, Japan at the City Gym.

They opened with the show’s roster coming to the ring for announcements and the national anthem. The Sendai Girls World Title, the W.W.W.D World Title (Diana promotion), the Sendai Girls Junior Title, and the Sendai Girls World Tag Team Titles were all on display on a table in the ring.

Mikoto Shindo pinned Manami to win the vacant Junior Title. The title became vacant when previous champion Command Bolshoi retired in April.

Aiger beat Sakura Hirota.

Hikaru Shida, Mei Suruga, and Hyan beat KAORU, Heidi Katrina, and Alex Lee when Shida pinned Lee with the Three Count of the Soul.

Meiko Satomura and Mika Iwata beat Aja Kong and Yuu when Satomura pinned Kong after the Scorpio Rising.


Tag Champions Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans beat DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto when McKenzie pinned DASH.

MAIN Event: Sendai Girls World Champion Chihiro Hashimoto vs. W.W.W.D World Champion Sareee with both titles on the line

Sareee pinned Chihiro Hashimoto to win the Sendai Girls World Title.

Mika Iwata came out and challenged Sareee for a future title shot.

The next show is tomorrow at Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo.