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By Matt Santos on 6/17/2019 6:15 AM

Adam Slade Vs. Chase Holiday

Very competitive match with poor live crowd reception. From the lock up the match was almost even with each competitor landing a flurry of moves. Adam Slade landed a second rope spinning neck breaker resulting in a pinfall.

Winner: Adam Slade

Tag Team Match:

Short match between School Dance Party and Uptown Downtown Connection. Abrupt finish left the live crowd looking for answers.

Winners: Uptown Downtown Connection

Triple Threat Match:

Sless Taylor grabs the microphone and demands that IPW management stop overlooking his talents. Match starts in an immediate suicide dive by Sless Taylor onto Corey Roberts and James Brady. This match displayed the high flying capabilities of each competitor. Crowd response was continuously high during the match, especially towards the end of the match when Sless Taylor performed a 450 splash to break up a pinning predicament and ultimately resulting in a win.

Winner: Sless Taylor  

Savannah Stone vs. Erica Leigh

Stone and Leigh lock up and have a fundamentally sound match with minimal crowd response. The match flowed into a comeback by Stone resulting in a pin fall.

Winner: Savannah Stone

IPW Heavyweight Title Match: Franco Varga (c) vs. James Storm

Franco Varga taunts the crowd and his opponent james by stating that the match should have happened elsewhere and not in columbus. The crowd seemed to already know Varga as he maintained a reaction from the crowd from his entrance. Varga refused to lock up with Storm and jumps out of the ring until Storm turns his back and Varga jumps him from behind. Storm does not stay down for long coming back on Varga with a flurry of punches and kicks. The crowd was very reactive to Varga and Storm during the match which ended in Varga spitting Storm’s beer in his face and cheating to win.

Winner: Franco Varga

Main Event:

Very unique and original match concept. Eight man elimination tag team match but the catch was after each fall the stipulation changed. This match type had a lot of the crowd on the edge of their seats, Myself included. The match itself felt a little drawn out and it was very obvious that the promotion is going for more a PG rating since the most hardcore stipulation was a chairs match with the wrestlers hitting each other in the back. The match resulted in Chris Moore Zip tying a fallen Paradon in the final last man standing stipulation.

Winner: Chris Moore