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By Kendall Jenkins on 7/27/2019 8:17 PM

Amir Khan, the British professional boxer has made a buzz all over the internet. His challenge to the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has raised the adrenaline levels of his fans. Let’s take a look at how this combat started.

Amir Khan is born in the UK. He made his debut in July 2005. His first fight caught the attention of 4.4 million viewers. And guess what... He won many titles: WBA (later Super) title from 2009 to 2012 and IBF title in 2011. The Commonwealth lightweight title from 2007 to 2008. He also held the WBC Silver welterweight title from 2014 to 2016. This is indeed a massive achievement in his career path.

Amir won a silver medal for the 2004 Olympics. He became Britain’s youngest boxing Olympic medalist at the age of 17. He also won the the WBA title at the age of 22 which made him the youngest British World Champion. His passion for boxing has influenced many to develop online games. This sport will give you an idea of boxing tips and tricks. On Give Back Bingo slot games, you’ll find Super Sumo slot game which you can play via your tablet or mobile. If you haven’t tried the games yet, what are you waiting for?

Yet, his titles pushed him to challenge the famous Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Manny has won 12 major titles. He has achieved a lot of success in his career path. Manny is also a senator for his country. He has ruled out the prospect of facing Amir after his successful match of the WBA welterweight title. 

Manny still has one match for his Premier Boxing Champions. But when he heard about the challenge, he made a hilarious response. A reporter said: ‘’Did you hear the big news from England? Amir Khan said that you’re fighting him November 8 in Saudi Arabia’’. Pacquiao was confused and said: “Saudi Arabia? “Still confused he said: “Maybe there’s a second Manny Pacquiao? 

His funny response made a buzz on the internet, and everybody was laughing. Manny told the press that he has not signed any contract. He said: "As far as I know it hasn't been even discussed. "He's been in training camp for the past eight weeks, four in the Philippines and four in the States, and he hasn't met with Amir Khan during that time." 

The 40-year-old boxer is the oldest welterweight champion in history by defeating Thurman at the MGM Grand. Amir has congratulated Manny for his win. He twitted on social media and said: "A very well done to Manny Pacquiao, he put on a great show and finished strong. I didn't think it was a split. I had Manny winning unanimously." Still, this has not made him back out of the match on November 8th. Now we are all waiting for Manny responds to fight against Amir. But this may not seem to happen as Manny’s focus is more on serving his country than on the matches., he said: “I think my next fight will probably be next year. “After this fight I am going back to the Philippines to start work again in the Senate.”  

Boxing is a challenging sport which most people enjoy. Boxing brings in an intense adrenaline vibe which is exciting. Let’s wait and watch for the most awaited match of Amir and Manny. Will Amir defeat the 62nd victory champion on the 8th of November? Keep a watch on their next match!