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By Kenneth Smith on 10/22/2019 8:17 AM

One of the most buzzed about pieces of news in the wrestling world lately has been the creation and launch of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and the weekly Wednesday Night Show, Dynamite. What are some things AEW should avoid? Things they should add? We will take a look at things AEW should do overtime and others they should avoid.

First things first, growing up a wrestling fan I loved the mystery of wondering if the title would change hand on Nitro/Raw. As years progressed World Title changes being given way on weekly television became more and more rare and today is ALMOST non-existent, save for the occasional hyped show. This is something I hope AEW changes. Having the World Title change hands on Dynamite should be a regular thing. It keeps the guessing fresh, never knowing if the champion will lose the title week in and week out. Doing it on only a PPV weakens title matches the happen on weekly shows.

An old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s gold” but that should not always apply to wrestling. So many times in the past a major star from one company would jump ship to another promotion and be the biggest star they have. While this works sometimes it should not be the cast every time. In the past both WCW and TNA/Impact Wrestling have been infamous for pushing to many established starts from another promotion. While one or two major starts from WWE would be fine and lesser pushed stars can have a few more, a promotion really needs to work to establish and build their own stars.

Pay-Per-Views are a great way to blow-off feuds, build hype, and have bigger matches. However, PPV’s should feel special and not be the ONLY place major matches/blow-off angles occurred. For that reason, I think AEW can benefit from keeping PPV’s quarterly and building each one an “extravaganza”. Additionally, people can justify spending money on a show every 3 months as oppose to every month so overall, it would help the buy numbers of each PPV.

Promos have long been an important part of pushing feuds, rivalries, and storylines forward. However, while I think promos are almost necessary today for proper story telling there is absolutely no reason to have 40-minute promos. Let the individual get to the point and let the promos be short and sweet. Most fans want more wrestling and less promos. Additionally, I think using YouTube for ‘extra’ off-the-air promos that push the story would work well.

Just because a title match could increase ticket sales or buy numbers does not mean it should happen at any given time. At no point should a title match be ‘throw together’ just to feature the “hometown hero” or an extremely popular wrestler. This can ruin the momentum of any individual involved, ruin what should be a future big moment, and just simply have the opposite effect of what’s intended. When someone is ready to be pushed, do it the right way.

Lastly, wrestling fans can be a difficult group. Sometimes they want stuff or think they want something that just isn’t logical and makes no sense. However, more times than not, they know what they want, and they want it for a reason that does make sense. While fans shouldn’t “run the company” they should definitely be listened to and opinions and wants should definitely carry some weight. So far, I think AEW has done a great job with this but will the momentum continue?

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