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By Mike Johnson on 10/24/2019 7:12 AM

10/24- 2016 Elite 8 Winner Looks To Be 1st Ever 2x Winner Of The Elite 8.

In 2013 a very special, unique one of a kind talent debuted in Canadian Wrestling's Elite just looking for an international opportunity as he continued to try and mount momentum and show the world his passion, talents, and capabilities.

That gift to CWE was none other than Jason "The Gift" Kincaid and right from his first tour with the company he was given an open invitation to compete with the elite whenever his schedule allowed.

For the next 2.5-3 years Jason Kincaid would become a regular fixture of Canadian Wrestling's Elite as the company continued to expand its touring schedule across the country. 

At the end of 2015 and going into 2016 the world was really starting to take notice and Jason Kincaid was finally getting some well overdue opportunities and he wasn't going to let them slip through his fingers.

It started with winning the ECWA Super 8 tournament and competing in the Ring Of Honor Top Prospect Tournament where he arguably stole the tournament in the first round against Lio Rush. From there Jason Kincaid would start to become more active on ROH events when he surprised the world by signing with EVOLVE.

With EVOLVE as his new platform more and more people were realizing just how special this "Gift" was.

In 2016 Jason "The Gift" Kincaid would enter the Elite 8 tournament and in one night have 3 performances that are still remembered vividly to this day by fans in attendance with a Match Of The Year Candidate in the opening round where he would vindicate his ROH Top Prospect loss and defeat Lio Rush in the first round, pin Tommy Lee Curtis in the semi final, and in a match still considered one of the greatest in CWE history, Kincaid would defeat Silas Young in the finals to win the tournament.

Unfortunately no one knew at the time but this event and "The Back To The Future Tour" as a whole would be the last time we would see Jason Kincaid until it was announced he was returning on six select dates of this upcoming Juice Is On The Loose Tour over 3 years later.

After Jason Kincaid won the Elite 8 tournament he would become a regular star for EVOLVE and even represented the brand while competing for WWE at WrestleMania Axcess.

A life long dream would be lived shortly after and Jason Kincaid would start competing in Japan for DDT on a regular basis. Kincaid would become an instant hit in Japan and start wrestling there more often than in America. 

Now in a very rare CWE and Canadian wrestling appearance Jason "The Gift" Kincaid travels to Medicine Hat, Alberta on November 23rd as the 5th announced entrant in the 2019 Elite 8, joining Juventud Guerrera, Jimmy Jacobs, Vinny Marseglia, and TK O'Ryan and three more competitors to be announced and look to make history and be the first man ever to win the Elite 8 tournament twice!

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