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By Mike Johnson on 11/20/2019 7:37 AM

ale Dojo Exhibition #4 took place on the 16th of November 2019. The event was complemented with the Dojo’s first Night Market that offered an assortment of food, as well as merchandise provided by Silver Lion Sports.

The event began with Fale Dojo General Manager/Coach Mark Tui welcoming the audience and giving a brief background of the Dojo’s beginnings from 2016 up to its present state. Tui conveyed apologies from Fale Dojo founder and Head Trainer Toks ‘Bad Luck’ Fale who was competing overseas at the New Japan Pro Wrestling’s 2019 World Tag League tournament. Tui then introduced Fale Dojo Head Trainer, Tony Kozina.

 Kozina described how the Exhibition event would unfold: “Professional wrestling, the way it’s supposed to be, is not an act; it’s a reaction,” said Kozina. “It’s no different than real life. So the idea things are choreographed is thrown out the window.”

Kozina had in possession a hat and inside were names of the young lions written on pieces of paper.

“Tonight, the audience is going to choose the matches,” Kozina revealed. “So these guys at the back, they don’t know who they’re going to wrestle. We’re going to show you how professional wrestling is done.”

Kozina invited the young lions to ringside, and as they stood, the concept began as Kozina walked into the audience where he chose two random people to draw a name out of the hat to start the opening match. This process was repeated for every other match. 

Michael Richards defeated Richard Mulu 

Mark Tui defeated Patrick Schischka

Oskar Münchow defeated Jordan Allan-Wright

Jake Taylor defeated Arthur Papali'i 

Mark Tui & Sam Davis defeated Richard Mulu & Patrick Schischka 

Patrick Schischka defeated Jordan Allan-Wright, Oskar Münchow, Arthur Papali'i, Richard Mulu and Sam Davis in a Six-Man Elimination MAtch

Michael Richards & Andrew Villalobos defeated Patrick Schischka & Liam Fury

The next event, Fale Dojo Exhibition #5 will take place on December 7th at the Fale Dojo in Otahuhu, Auckland.