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By Mike Johnson on 1/3/2020 7:54 AM

1/3- CWE Relaunches The Elite Wrestling Academy Full Time Starting Feb 2

Canadian Wrestling's Elite is beyond ecstatic and excited that for the first time in many years a new facility has been secured that will allow for the 24/7 set up of the Elite Wrestling Academy in Winnipeg, Manitoba for aspiring professional wrestlers to apply and take the most important step forward in pursuing their dream, goal, and ambition of becoming a professional wrestler!

The Elite Wrestling Academy will officially start its new and first class of professional wrestling hopefuls in February 2020 and is officially accepting applications NOW!

Canadian Wrestling's Elite is Canada's only national touring organization and outside of WWE, on a year to year basis run more lives events than any other independent wrestling promotion in all of North America.

CWE offers a truly unique training program unavailable anywhere else in the country with a home base of talent that will be aiding in the training with nearly two decades of experiences each and in some cases more and with invaluable experience in this region and across the country in comparison to other training options with experience with World Wrestling Entertainment, Ring Of Honor, Japan, Mexico, and across the country of Canada and the United States working with, traveling with, and excelling against the very in the industry including legends of the WWF, WWE, NWA, WCW, ECW, as well as top stars actively competing in WWE, AEW, ROH, IMPACT! Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and many more giving them direct knowledge and skills set to pass along to you and your wrestling journey.

The Elite Wrestling Academy truly is training that currently can't be duplicated as not only does CWE offer a large amount of live event options to learn and ply your trade while in training and after completion but live events with talent represented from around the world from countless countries and major star talent actively competing for mainstream wrestling organizations or with long tenured runs with them previously always around and assisting in teaching and developing our talent and crew. This also includes a near dozen seminars a year hosted by superstar talent that has or currently works for nearly every major organization past and present who teach and pass down knowledge a part of our always growing mission statement of providing the best teachers available to talent and students.

With CWE running a large quantity of live events which are directly associated with the Elite Wrestling Academy, applicants that are accepted and begin the training program have a very unique learning opportunity not provided anywhere else in Canada.

Being a successful professional wrestler isn't as easy as being gifted inside the ring but having a vast knowledge of every aspect that goes into the success of running a live event and running an organization.

Students of the Elite Wrestling Academy will literally learn and become equipped with every avenue of a live professional wrestling event to make them a Jack or Jill of all trades to ensure they are well rounded and capable to be the most useful and knowledgeable to any wrestling promoter they work for in the future.

Students don't just learn the physical and psychological aspect of being a professional wrestler but learn everything that goes into operating and producing of an event from the ground up from grass roots promotion, the set up and tear down of the wrestling ring, the set up and operation of sound equipment and various other essential mechanics to operating an event, ring announcing, being a referee, the psychology behind producing a live event and writing a card, merchandising, networking with talent, how to get booked with other promoters, and so much more.

Once students graduate they will be provided immediate opportunity to ply their trade on select CWE events to gain valuable experience and get crucial on the job training with those excelling, continuing to develop, and show potential continuing to receive bookings through the company as their ability dictates.

The official grand opening of the Elite Wrestling Academy is February 2nd.

The first training program will run February 2nd-July 1st with four classes a week being held.

Training will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6-10pm. *When applying please be certain your schedule will allow you to attend class during scheduled class times. With teaching be done in a class setting it is essential everyone attend to ensure the class is learning the program at the same time to ensure everyone is having the time they paid for maximized to graduate on schedule.

Please be advised that although the inaugural class will officially run 6 months and there enough classes and hours scheduled in a week before including any bonus classes or training added that completing the six month period does NOT guarantee you have completed training and ready to actively participate on live events. Everyone has different physical abilities and challenges when attempting to learn the craft of professional wrestling and until deemed completed and safe by your instructors an additional advanced training class will be offered for anyone deemed needing final polish and completion for the safety of themselves and those they share a ring with.

This class will be the ONLY class offered to beginners starting from scratch until the inaugural class completes July 1st and then applications will be accepted for the fall class. 

If you do not want to wait until then, apply NOW and let's get you from day dreaming at your desk in school or at work in your office and get you in the ring at the Elite Wrestling Academy

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