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By Larry Goodman & Rob Brodhecker on 1/3/2020 7:55 AM

Anarchy December to Remember Report from Cornelia

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy presented December to Remember in front of a full and very hot house of over 200 fans.

It was Anarchy’s best show of 2019 and might have garnered a show of the year nomination had it not been held after the ballots were already out. Anarchy goes into 2020 with a full head of steam.


La Familia (Tommy Penirelli with Irving West, Fat T and Andey Ripley) promo. Penirelli said you would know him and his family before the night was over.

(A)Penirelli (with La Familia) defeated Mason Creed Morrris in 3:57. MCM was in the midst of his comeback when Fat T tripped him into Penirelli’s fishermanbuster.

A supercharged Marcus Kross and Griff Garrison talked about going home with the gold. Enter David Young to cut a short but most excellent promo. Young said he remembered when he was excited like M & M, jumping off buildings and bleeding buckets. He wasn’t coming for Adrian Hawkins Heritage title tonight. He was coming to take his heart.

(B) Logan Creed pinned Jason Collins with Scorched Earth at 5:57. The unadvertised Logan received a superstar reaction and a welcome back chant. This was a hard-hitting match. Collins got more offense than you would have expected and took Logan’s finisher better than most.

The iPPV was introduced by a video with a Star Wars-like opening crawl.

(1) Ashton Starr pinned Scott Mayson with a moonsault in 7:28. Starr was way over and appears to be in line for a push.

(2) GB1C (Tyler Rivera & Wolverton) & Will Kaution defeated Kevin Ryan & Shean Christopher & Hunter Drake in 11 minutes. Well, I thought Starr was way over until I heard the pop for Kaution. Christopher did some nifty bumping and selling for the babyface shine, which featured quick tags and crisp combos. Ryan and Drake shamelessly interfered to start heat on Wolverton. The heel team is Young Dumb ‘n Broke southern style. Drake either needs to put some weight on or find another line of work. Any babyface that sells for him looks ridiculous. Kaution ran wild with the hot tag. Rivera made a blind tag and reversed Christopher’s vertical suplex with an Ace crusher. Sweet move. Then he inexplicably did a dive to the outside. The one and only dive sequence of the night ensued. Back inside, Rivera hit a frogsplash on Drake but Kaution made a blind tag and pinned Drake with a top rope elbow. Good match that nicely foreshadowed what was to follow…

After the match, Rivera decked Kaution and walked out. Wolverton looked perplexed. So did Kaution once he came to his senses.

(3) Adrian Hawkins defeated David Young to retain the Landmark Heritage Championship in 3:35. Young wasn’t in the mood for Hawkins’ crap. He threatened to set Hawkins face on fire and put it out with a fork and spinebustered him before the bell. Hawkins said due to Young’s illegal cheap shot, there would be no title match. Hawkins tried to walk out. Young went after him. Hawkins blasted Young with the title. Now, Hawkins wanted the match. He beat on Young as he finished getting out of his dress clothes, choking Young with his tie and whipping him with his belt. Young blocked the codebreaker and made a comeback. His dropkick received a “you still got it” chant. Young’s head slammed into the turnbuckles on an ill-advised charge and Hawkins pinned him after two codebreakers. Not much to the match. What was notable was the heat Hawkins’ generated which was incredible.

Postmatch – Hawkins was penalized severely for excessive skullduggery. Young gave him two spinebusters and a belt shot and the crowd loved it.

Brooklyn Creed and Matthew Hankins came to the ring with a giant gift box. Hankins said it was for that raggedy ass ho, ho, ho Crystal Rose.

Bill Behrens had good tidings and great cheer for Hankins…and a gift for Hankins and the fans – Hankins would be locked in cage during Brooklyn’s match with Rose. Brooklyn threw a fit. Hankins balked. BB threatened to strip Brooklyn of the title and give it to Rose. Hankins said he would voluntarily get into the cage so he could have the best seat in the house for Brooklyn’s win. BB said it wasn’t the first time Hankins had been behind bars. This was jolly good stuff from BB and Hankins.

(4) Crystal Rose defeated Brooklyn Creed (with Matt Hankins locked in cage) in a Last Woman Standing Match to win the Anarchy Women’s Championship in 9:28. Rose drove Brooklyn’s face into the mat for a seven count right off the bat. Brooklyn bailed with Rose in hot pursuit. Brooklyn sent Rose’s head into the cage and Hankins added a few shots of his own. Brooklyn dumped Rose over the barricade and they brawled into the women’s restroom. Rose climbed a ladder to the platform on top of the restrooms and dove off the one place high place in the building nobody had ever jumped off in 20 years. Brooklyn ran into the bathroom and let Shane Marx and Brian Blaze take the hit. Brooklyn poleaxed Rose from behind and ran her into the gimmick table. Brooklyn found a section of sheetrock under the ring (how convenient) and set it up in the corner. Rose put on the brakes to avoid running headlong into the sheetrock. Brooklyn kicked Rose between the legs and headbutted her. Rose kicked Brooklyn between the legs and gave her a backpack stunner. Brooklyn hit Scorched Earth. She went for seconds but Rose fired up with a vengeance. Rose gave Brooklyn a spinning TKO into the giant gift box. Powder flew on impact for a great visual. The crowd popped huge for the 10 count. Rose was in tears as her hand was raised. These two had beaten the hell out of each other on numerous occasions and they saved their best for last.

Nina Monet hit the ring and speared Rose through the sheetrock. This could be the best incarnation of the Voodoo Queen to date and she brought the physicality. She looked great. Hankins said one way or another, we always have a plan. Very Baileyesque.The postmatch was ultra effective, totally silenced the crowd.

(5) Marcus Kross defeated AC Mack to retain the Anarchy TV title in 16:10. Kross was making his first title defense against the former TV champion with the story that Mack was on a mission to bring “Angela” back home. They wrestled. The crowd was settling down from the insanity of the women’s match. It got downright quiet as the fans needed to recharge their batteries. Kross and Mack stuck to their guns and let the crowd come to them with a slow build. Kross got the first big pop of the match by picking Mack off the top rope with a springboard tijera, then followed with a top rope elbow drop for a strong near fall. The action moved outside the ring.  Kross attempted to tight-rope walk the barricade. Mack took his legs out and hit a double stomp from the apron as Kross was hung over the barricade. The crowd was heating up and got behind Kross. He slappe Mack hard across the face. Mack took his glove off and viciously backhanded Kross. A slapfest broke out. Kross kicked the stuffing out of Mack. A superkick was followed by a tornado kick and it looked like Mack was knocked out. Not so. Mack shoved referee Dee Byers into the ropes to crotch Kross on the top buckle and did his signature spinaroonie into the climbing enzuigiri. Mack gave Kross a running DVD into the bottom turnbuckle. Ouch. Mack tried for the Mack 10. Kross escaped. A fast and furious exchange of finishing maneuvers culminated in Kross reversing Mack’s powerbomb with a sunset flip. Good match. Crowd reaction was probably hurt by most of the fans figuring this was a one shot for deal for Mack so he wasn’t going over, but they had them at the end when it really mattered.

(6) The Undeniable (Shane Marx & Brian Blaze with Matthew Hankins) retained the tag title via a DQ loss to Geter & Dynamic Dexter (11:46). Hankins complained about the champions having to come out first. He said it hurts to take an L but he always had a plan. By hook or by crook, or any means necessary, Undeniable were keeping their damn belts. Geter said Cyrus was injured. He would whip Undeniable’s asses himself but management said he had to a have a partner. The crowd went apeshit for the diminutive black unicorn in a sports bra known as Dynamic Dexter. The champions were laughing their asses the crowd chanted long and strong for Dexter, The fans were highly entertained by Dexter’s bronco busting offense. Undeniable weren't laughing now. Blaze decapitated Dexter with a lariat. Undeniable destroyed the little guy with additional dirty work by Hankins. Hot tag and some quick house cleaning by Geter leading to Fall of Man (fire thunder driver) on Marx. Referee David Weakley caught Blaze giving Geter a low blow and called for the bell. The Geter/Dexter team was a brilliant idea that could not have worked better.

Under the cover of darkness, the robed, hooded figure (that scared Hankins out of his wits at the go home show) advanced to the ring accompanied by a second mysterious person wearing a monster mask and a suit. The robed guy struck down Undeniable. They bailed. The hood came off revealing Azrael. The crowd ate it up. My interest was piqued to see what Azrael and his eerie accomplice have in store for Undeniable.

(7) Griff Garrison defeated Sal Rinauro two out of three falls to become a two time Anarchy Heavyweight Champion (29:31). Machine chant at the opening bell with Rinauro looking completely psychotic. They opened with a series of clean breaks. Rinauro was nomatch for Garrison’s power. He started working on Garrison’s arm. His chops just made Garrison mad and the payback was Sal’s worst nightmare. Garrison busted out AJ Styles’ Cliffhanger for a near fall. Rinauro teased a homicidal Phoenix Fury Legdrop (that’s not a legdrop) on the apron. Garrison signaled for the rack bomb. Rinauro escaped and crawled under the ring. As Garrison was looking under the ring, Rinauro blindsided him and ran his head into the barricade. This unfortunately scared the bejeezus out a little girl in the front row. Rinauro won the first fall by count out at 11:29. Garrison appeared to be in daze at the start of the second fall but was playing possum. Rinauro ate the buckle charging in and Garrison rolled him up at 12:28. Garrison immediately hit the rack bomb for a very near fall. Rinauro rolled to the floor and they brawled at ringside. Garrison took a shot into the ringsteps. Rinauro suplexed Garrison on the hardwood floor. Rinauro superkicked Garrison as he reentered and hit Jacob Time for a near fall. Rinauro pointed skyward ala Sabu and went up top. Garrison met him with an avalanche overhead suplex for a near fall. The front row fans started pounding the barricades. Garrison caught Rinauro with a Styles Clash and was in shock when Sal kicked out. They each hit the other guy’s finisher for a near fall. Utter exhaustion as they slowly rose from the mat, head-to-head. Rinauro kissed Garrison. Rinauro connected with the top rope elbow. Rinauro went up top again but Garrison upended him. As Garrison went for the rack bomb, Rinauro raked the eyes of referee Dee Byers. Rinauro hit the short flatliner. Weakley slid in to make the count but Garrison kicked out. Sal was losing whatever mind he had left. Finish saw Garrison block Rinauro’s top rope rana and hit an avalanche rack bomb with both refs making the three count.

This was a dramatic title match. I suspect it may have been even more compelling edited to a bit shorter form. It felt like the right time to pull the trigger on the title switch. I loved the finish with both refs counting and the postmatch below.

Garrison started to celebrate victory.

The lights went out. Lights on – Billy Buck was in the ring. He laid Garrison out with the Buckshot.

The light went out again. Lights on – Hankins was in the ring with Buck and handed him a black cowboy hat.

Lights out again. Lights on – Hankins and Buck are gone. Kross hits the ring to tend to his partner.

Garrison said the title had been taken from him once and if Buck wanted to face him like a man for the title, he was welcome to do so.

NOTES: Wrestling notables in attendance included David Manders, Rob Brodhecker (there will be another report coming), Cody Mcculley, General Tommy Lee, Jonathan Feltner and Darryl Hall, who is making a rapid recovery from surgery and plan to be bak in the ring next month…The announce team for the FITE iPPV was in unnominated John Johnson, Michael Gentry, and Triston Michaels doing double duty as announcer and referee.

Rob Rod's Anarchy December to Remember Report from December 28

From Rob Brodhecker:

I was last in the Landmark in Oct of 2017 for Fright Night, so it's been a hot minute. The staff has really done a bang-up job with the remodeling of the interior of the building, adding in another section of bleachers to add crowd capacity, and it helps the people in the back to see the action(wink, wink, nudge, nudge SHW). The crowd itself was a good bit above the 200 mark, the official count was 215, other people counted more. The crowd itself was actively involved for most of the night with a couple of lulls in some of the longer matches, but when they popped, they exploded!

There was a ton of action on a compelling card that saw some payoffs as well as new chapters being started for this PPV event. I would encourage everyone to go and watch it.


Triston Michaels and Jason Boyd come out to the ringside area, helping sell some raffle tickets as well as running through the card. They bring out Santa Claus, who has stopped by on his way to a well-earned vacation on some tropical isle. They then bring out most of the face lockerroom for photo ops with the crowd. When Dynamic Dexter came out, he gave everyone hugs, except for Geter, who allowed a fist bump.

The PPV commentary team consists of Triston Michaels, John Johnson, and Michael Gentry. Jason Boyd is your ring announcer with the referees being Dee Beyers, David Weakley, and subbing for injured Darryl Hall for one match, Triston.

 Match one of the pre-show: Tommy Penirelli with La Familia (Gino Argento, Valentina Ricci, Tony Carbone, aka Fat T) vs. Mason Creed Morris, aka #MCM

Penirelli's on the mic and works the crowd. Everyone will know who he is by the end of the night. La Familia stays at ringside for the match. This is my first time seeing MCM in action; he's a tall, lanky kid with some good meat on the bones. He's worked with A4, Good Brothers, and with Logan Creed. He guidohandles Tommy in the early going until Tommy dumps him over the top rope. USA chants abound while Tommy works over MCM on the outside. Tommy goes up top for a leg drop, but MCM moves out of the way. MCM is calling for a knee strike and runs to the ropes to pick up some steam. Fat T trips him, and that allows Tommy to Brain Bust MCM for the win at 3:58. A short but enjoyable match, B-.

Master and Machine promo play with David Young coming in at the end.

Match two of the pre-show: Jason Collins vs. Logan Creed

This is my first time seeing Jason in action, I've heard of him but never had a chance to see him in person. Logan gets a big pop and not only a welcome back chant, but a "he's gonna kill you" chant as well. Logan tosses Jason around the ring and no-sells what little offense Jason has. Jason is thrown from the ring but manages to punch Logan in the face as Logan dives through the ropes. Jason tries to get some strikes in but can only get one count. Jason kicks at Logan's knee as Logan was about to chokeslam him. Jason is doing his best to squirm away from Logan's big move attempts. His luck runs out and eats a Scorched Earth at 5:56 for the pinfall. Jason did a good job being that mosquito buzzing around, and you had the damndest time trying to swat him, B-.

PPV starts.

"The Habersham Hero" Scott Mayson vs. Ashton Starr

Mayson's on the mic, but Ashton's music interrupts for a big pop. Ashton's all over Scott in the beginning, getting several near falls. An eye poke by Scott gives him the advantage. Scott is yelling Hero throughout the match with the crowd yelling back Zero! Scott leaps from the top rope but lands on the knee that Ashton has so thoughtfully extended. Scott pulls on Ashton's hair over the top rope. Ashton fights out and lands a moonsault for the win at 7:30. Competitive, even though I was sure that Ashton would win, C+/b-.

Six-man tag match: Wasted Generation(Shean Christopher, Kevin Ryan, and Hunter Drake) vs. GB1C(Tyler Rivera and Josh Wolverton) with Will Kaution

Wasted Generation are playing up, acting as spoiled twinks(or are they?). Shean slaps Will, and Will goes off on Shean. Josh and Will double team Shean, then GB1C hit a couple of double teams on Shean, Kevin, and Hunter lunge in to make the save. WG triple-team Josh, and start tagging in and out it seems like every ten seconds. Beyers is probably cross-eyed now. Hunter trying to chop on Josh, is almost baby Yoda cute. The action starts getting crazier with Shean and Josh on the outside, Tyler flying and landing on them, then Hunter moonsaults on those three. Kevin backflips on that foursome from the top rope. Will ends the sequence with a flying splash over the top turnbuckle.

Tyler gets Hunter back into the ring and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Just before Tyler flies, Will tags Tyler. Tyler flies, hitting the frog splash on Hunter, but bounces off. Will follows right behind with the flying elbow and covers Hunter for the pin at 10:59. Tyler is NOT happy with Will and superkicks him to the dismay of Josh and leaves the ring. The match gets a solid B from me. WG's work had some thought to it, and it made the daredevil stuff at the end have meaning. GB1C had similar issues at the last Southern Fried show, I only hope that they can get back on the same page.

Landmark Arena Heritage championship match: David Young vs. Adrian Hawkins (c)

Adriana chants rain down from the heavens for the best-dressed wrestler in Georgia. Young has some words for Hawkins. Hawkins walks into a spinebuster after taking off his scarf and rolls out of the ring. Hawkins is claiming that there will be no match now as Young illegally hit him before the bell. The crowd is chanting "Bitch" at Hawkins. Hawkins teases leaving but then wants Young to leave so that Hawkins can bask in front of the cameras. Weakly asks Young to leave, yeah, right. Hawkins calls for security to escort Young to the back, they ignore him. Hawkins leaves to go to the back, but this time Young follows. Hawkins introduces Young's face to the title belt and then the wooden steps. Both men are now back in the ring, and Weakly starts the match. Hawkins finally disrobes and uses his belt on Young. He pauses to spray some sort of liquid on himself, and that allows Young to attack. However, Young pauses himself and uses the spray bottle, allowing Hawkins to deliver two Codebreakers on Young for the win at 3:31. Hawkins gloats over Young and then turns to gloat at the crowd. He turns around and right into another spinebuster from Young. Young then decks Hawkins with the belt to the delight of the crowd. The pre-bell goings-on stretched this out to be about 13-15 minutes. This is my weakest match of the night, C.

Last Women standing match for the Anarchy Women's title: Brooklyn Creed (c) with Matt Hankins vs. Crystal Rose

Anarchy staff drag out a single person cage. Hankins pulls out a large box covered in Christmas paper from under the ring and says that this present will be for Rose. Bill Berherns comes out and says that everyone in the building will be getting a gift when Hankis gets his ass in the cage, or Brooklyn will forfeit the title. A "Don't drop the soap" chant starts. Rose comes out to a big pop and wearing gear that is very different than the old "Crystal Meth" stuff, looks good. Brooklyn tries to attack, but Rose dodges, then spears her. Creed tosses Rose at the cage, and Hankins grabs Rose's hair and uses it to slam her head into the cage. Creed tosses Rose into the barricade, and then they fight out into the crowd. In the cage, Hankins has pulled out a tin cup and is dragging it back and forth, calling out "Attica!" He also tries to pry open the door with a large screwdriver, good stuff.

Rose and Creed are back by the bathrooms, and there's a ladder there. Rose climbs the ladder to the top of the restrooms, and she flies from there. Unfortunately for her, Creed had moved out of the way, and Rose took out a couple of security guys. Creed brings Rose back to the ring and grabs a full-size sheet of drywall from under the ring. She sets it up in the corner and goes to toss Rose into it. Rose puts on the breaks. Creed quickly kicks her from behind in the reproductive area and goes for the Scorched Earth. Rose fights out, but Creed catches her again for the SE, but Crystal makes the 10 count. Creed has Rose up in a fireman's carry. Rose gets out of it and then plants Creed into the large Christmas present, and Creed could not make the 10 count at 9:29. New Anarchy Women's Champion, Crystal Rose.

Nina Monet races in from the crowd and spears Rose through the drywall. She rejoices, and she and Hankins hug, while Brooklyn looks pissed. This was some seriously good shit, A-.

Anarchy Television Championship match: AC Mack vs. Marcus Kross (c)

Mack is seeking to become a two-time TV champ. He grabs the mic from Boyd and says that Angela will be coming home with him and does his intro. I could go on about several theories on how Kross gets his hair to stand up like that, but for the sake of the word count, I won't. This was the second-longest match of the night, clocking in at around 15 minutes(I forgot to start the stopwatch). This match is one that would be very hard to describe except that this would be the opening match of something that potentially spread across several months(maybe years) and several promotions, similar to Mack and Alan Angels. You need to watch it on video, I will grade it at an A. Ambiguous enough, maybe.

Anarchy Tag Team Championship: The Undeniable (Shane Marx and Brian Blaze with Matt Hankins) (c) vs. Geter and ??

Hankins grabs the mic from Boyd and cuts a promo, invoking the ghost of a Jeff G. Baily promo from years past, and says that by hook or by crook, they will be keeping the titles. Geter comes out to the biggest pop of the night thus far and says that his partner for the night, Cyrus, was injured and could not be there. Geter wanted to fight them on his own but was told he had to have a partner, and there was only one person in the back who wasn't booked already. He brings out and puts on a pair of white-rimmed, led lights flashing rainbow colors, and Dynamic Dexter comes out. The crowd goes absolutely apeshit. Seriously, it might border on hyperbole, but the crowd reaction was just as intense as when Gunner Miller showed up at Southern Fried. That comparison might piss some people off, but I don't care, the whole place blew up.

Marx, Blaze, and Hankins were rolling around the ring laughing, no doubt thinking of a certain victory. Dexter gets tossed by Shane, but Geter soon returns the favor. Dexter sits down on the small of Shane's back and then spins around like a top on Shane's back. Dexter does it to Blaze as well. They're not laughing now. Blaze sends Dexter flying with a lariat, and Dexter's beatdown commences. Dexter squirms away and makes the hot tag to Geter, who quickly clears the ring. Geter picks up Marx for the End of Man, and Hankins gets on the ring to distract Weakley. Blaze sneaks in and kicks Geter low, and by a miracle, Weakley sees it and calls for the DQ at 12:43. The Undeniable want to do more damage to Geter, but the lights go out, and two robed figures are standing near the ring, one of whom is in a mask. The other figure enters the ring and hits Marx and Blaze, sending them out of the ring. The robed figure lowers the cowl to reveal himself, and it's the returning Azrael. The grade is an A, and I'll expound on that in the final thoughts.

Anarchy Heavyweight Championship match, 2 out of 3 falls Griff Garrison vs. Sal Rinauro (c)

Griff's entrance is a bit more serious than the usual "Hands up!" that Master and Machine come out to. Sal is more disturbed than the ex's of my ex's. He doesn't want to surrender the title to Byers. Griff has the strength advantage and uses it on the tie-ups. Sal's shoulder tackles have no effect on Griff. Sal slides out of the ring to break Griff's momentum. Sal's status of the wily veteran comes into play as he starts working on the arm of Griff. Sal then starts to chop on Griff's chest, Griff reverses it and lights up Sal's chest. Sal gets a near fall from a flying lariat. Griff sends Sal out of the ring and Sal slide underneath the ring. Griff goes out to get him, and Sal sneaks from behind and sends Griff hard into the barricade. Griff can't make the 10 count and Sal wins the first fall at 11:28.

Griff barely makes the second 10 count. Sal rushes in, and Griff schoolboys him at 11:57.

Griff lands his torture rack toss, but Sal gets the shoulder up. Both men are now out on the floor, with Sal sending Griff into the barricade again. They are still fighting ringside, and now Sal greets the barricade. Sal sends Griff into the ring steps. Tons of action happening now. Sal survives a belly to belly from the top rope. Griff kicks out of a superkick. Sal kicks out of a Styles Clash. The crowd begins to go nuts with the kick-outs. Sal uses Griff's finisher, and Griff kicks out. Sal kicks out of another plant by Griff, and now the crowd is calling to Byers to be fired and "Bring back Darryl." Sal and Griff go face to face and start throwing haymakers. Multiple pin attempts and kick-outs, the crowd is getting antsy. Sal lands the top rope elbow and goes back up top, presumably for another, but Griff gets Sal back in the torture rack. Sal is able to reach out and grab Byers and rake his eyes as Griff tossed him. Visual 3 count on Sal, but Byers can't see anything. Sal grabs the belt and clocks Griff with it. Weakley comes out, and with a shake of his head, starts the count. Boom! Griff kicks out.

Sal sets Griff up top, and they start to fight there. Griff gets Sal up in the Rack and plants Sal from there. Both Weakley and Byers make the 3 count at 28:44. New Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Griff Garrison, a solid A in my book. The crowd pops for Griff's win, the lights go out. When they come back on, Billy Buck's in the ring, and he superkicks Griff. The lights go out again, and when they come back on, Hankins is in the ring, and he hands Buck a black hat. The lights go out a third time, and now Griff is alone in the ring. Kross finally emerges from the back to check on Griff. Griff's on the mic, saying if Buck wants some, to come and get some. Fin.

Lots of thoughts here. 1: If Anarchy can do what they did tonight going and increasing, they can push at Southern Honor 2: If they weren't going to be doing something with Azrael and the Undeniable, an audible might have been called to put the tag belts on Geter and Dexter, if only for a show or two. The explosion, if they had won, might have caused the nearest neighbors to call the police. 3: Talking to Larry, we both agreed this was an A- show. Sadly, it will be more than likely to have been forgotten by the time next December rolls around to be considered for SOTY. This might happen with AWE's show as well. Should GHW consider going to a January 1st to December 31st calendar for awards rather than a mid-December to mid-December schedule? Let the debate begin on that. 4: First time meeting John Johnson. Man, that dude's funny.