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By Mike Johnson on 1/22/2020 7:01 AM

Lilian Dikmans hits Fitness First Australia magazine cover

'Heavy Hitter' Lilian Dikmans on the cover of Fitness First magazine

The Australian model, lawyer and Muay Thai fighter Lilian Dikmans has landed a new cover for Fitness First magazine. The new Jan-Feb 2020 issue titled "Heavy Hitter" was released today (Jan. 22).

Lilian Dikmans from Melbourne is the first Australian model simultaneously competing in Muay Thai. To date she has recorded 3-0-1, and is expected to be back in the squared circle later this year.

The issue features Lilian Dikmans’ workout program that helps stay in shape and motivated. In addition to Muay Thai training, her set of fitness exercises includes lateral bounds, shadow boxing with dumbbells, sumo squat with battle ropes, and more.

"It's primarily body weight strength exercises combined with high intensity intervals," Lilian Dikmans says. "Sports like boxing and Muay Thai keep you in great shape, so from a modelling perspective they make sense. Training for them is high intensity, so it’s amazing for fat loss."

Over the course of her modelling career Lilian Dikmans has landed a stack of magazine covers, represented brands and appeared in numerous commercials and campaigns for Maybelline New York, Ford, Sony, Kmart, Lululemon, among others.

The Fitness First magazine "Heavy Hitter" issue also includes articles covering fitness and nutrition, recipes, exercises for back, strength training and more.

Fitness First has clubs in 16 countries, including over 60 gyms in Australia.