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By Anarchy Wrestling on 3/19/2020 7:50 AM



The highway to Hardcore Hell proved to be the perfect alternate route in a week full of crazy events that left limited options for the ever-hungry sports fan to escape. Over 160 fans packed the Landmark Arena to witness an exciting night of action and the end of one man’s journey in Anarchy Wrestling.


The event kicked off with a tribute and 10-Bell salute for longtime Landmark Arena fan Norko Kipte who passed away earlier in the week.

Just as ring announcer Jason Boyd was introducing the first match, there was a minor disturbance from a gentleman who was escorted over the guard rail by security and approached Jason Boyd. Whatever this man told Boyd, Boyd refused to tell the crowd and invited him into the ring to make the announcement himself. The gentleman identified himself as Kevin Farr and was a representative from the Department of Health and Public Safety who was authorized to shut down the event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He was spraying the ring and even offered refunds. This brought out Geter, who did not take very kindly to the suggestion of delaying the night’s events. He said he has waited long enough to send Will Huckaby out of Anarchy Wrestling and he was not going to let anything stop him. Farr tried to spray Geter with a disinfectant spray, which led to Geter laying out Mr. Farr, thus allowing the evening’s events to continue.

Next out was Matt Hankins and the Undeniable. Hankins spoke of the recent events in Anarchy and how it appears there is a lot of things that need to change.


Ben Buchanan def. Brian Blaze

Before the match began Bill Behrens came out to ringside and demanded all members of the Undeniable to leave ringside, except Matt Hankins who has a manager’s license. The Undeniable refused to leave, and an exasperated Behrens left ringside stating if they wouldn’t leave for him, he would find someone who they would listen to. Buchanan and Blaze proceeded with all members of the Undeniable at ringside. Buchanan is coming off a very successful wrestling season for his high school, Ranburne High School in Alabama where they won a state championship and he was a state heavyweight champion. The experience of Brian Blaze was beneficial but not necessarily a deterrent to the efforts of Ben Buchanan. There was a lot of back and forth, but the numbers would come into play several times, except for Billy Buck, who showed no interest in the antics of his fellow Undeniable stablemates. At one point Ben Buchanan’s father the legendary Bull Buchanan came out to ringside and began stalking the members of the Undeniable sending them to the back. Ben Buchanan was able to take advantage of the distraction and gained the victory over Blaze.


Next up was Bill Behrens with a special presentation. He brought out Griff Garrison, the Anarchy Heavyweight Champion. Garrison won the championship for a second time back at Season’s Beatings almost 3 months ago. On that night Garrison was attacked by Billy Buck and much like the first time he won the Anarchy Championship, he was unable to leave the Landmark Arena with the championship in his possession. However, that was about to change. Since Matthew Hankins and Billy Buck refused to return the championship to Garrison or the Anarchy office, Bill Behrens and the Championship Committee had a new championship commissioned and it was presented to Griff. The new Anarchy Championship belt is an amazingly beautiful championship and captures the pageantry, prestige, and history of the previous Anarchy championships.   Garrison said “Finally the Anarchy Title Belt has come home to us”.


Hunter Drake def. Dynamic Dexter

The youth movement in Anarchy is at an all-time high. At no point in Anarchy’s 15-year history has there been this many wrestlers under the age of 23 competing at such a high level. Drake and Dexter are two of those guys who are looking to break through to the next level and tonight their path’s crossed. Dexter displayed his usual high energy antics and seemed to be getting the best of Drake throughout the early goings of the match. Drake gained the upper hand at one point and seemed like he would be able to defeat Dynamic Dexter. Dexter would regain the advantage and was positioning himself for victory. However, during one exchange in the corner, Drake would double leg take down Dexter and then use the ropes for leverage and gain the pinfall victory.


John Johnson interviewed Landmark Arena Heritage Champion Adrian Hawkins in a pre-taped segment. Johnson questioned Hawkins recent attitude towards Todd Sexton. Hawkins provided a little background about how over the past 15 years he has had to deal with being “Todd Sexton’s boy” and how just because Todd trained him people believe that is the only reason he had any opportunities. At one point, Hawkins began to make a comment about Todd’s later brother, referee Brent Wiley. Johnson came unglued and unleashed a profanity laced tirade at Hawkins and left the interview. Immediately after this showed to the Arena, JJ interrupted Jason Boyd and proceeded to tell the crowd in his 27 years in the sport of wrestling he was never more embarrassed to be involved with something than that interview. He apologized to the crowd and promised he would have Todd there in 2 weeks to let him address Adrian and to also publicly apologize to him face to face.


Spi-Ral def. Will Kaution via DQ

Before the match began, Marcus Kross was interviewed by Jason Boyd to update the crowd on his knee injury at the hands of the Undeniable a few weeks back. Boyd then informed the crowd at Hardcore Hell XXII Marcus Kross would defend the Anarchy Wrestling TV championship against Spi-Ral, Will Kaution, and Tyler Rivera in the 2nd Ultimate Anarchy match. Kross proceeded to go to commentary for this match. Kaution and Spi-Ral are two of the most exciting competitors at Anarchy and they are equally loved by the crowds at the Landmark Arena. Knowing they have an opportunity April 11th at Hardcore Hell XXII to win the Television championship brought out the best in both men as they went hold for hold and move for move. During the contest, Tyler Rivera made his way out to the ringside area to get a closer look at his opponents. Rivera and Kaution have had issues that go back to just before December to Remember and it has reached a boiling point. In the heat of the action Kaution and Spi-Ral collided so hard to sent Spi-Ral tumbling outside the ring. Rivera crept towards The Bosnian War Child and as the referee turned around, he clocked Spi-Ral thus costing Kaution the match via DQ. With the win, Spi-Ral continues an undefeated streak. Kross left commentary and prevented Rivera from sneaking out the arena floor. He backed Rivera into Kaution and Spi-Ral who were closing in on him. Rivera found a small opening and ran top speed out of the arena.


Scott Mayson came out sporting a new look and an Italian flag. He spoke about checking his heritage and recently found out he was 10% Italian. He contacted Tommy Penirelli and was made a member of La Familia and put in charge of Fat-T Tony Carbone for the evening.

Fat-T (Tony Carbone) def. Josh Wolverton


For the past few weeks Wolverton has had issues with La Familia. It all started when he defeated Tommy Penirelli, but Penirelli denied that he had lost. He then had Wolverton face Gino Argento wo he also defeated. Regardless of the outcomes, Wolverton has always found himself outnumbered and on the wrong end of a beating from La Familia. Wolverton used his speed and military expertise to rock the much larger Carbone. Despite his best efforts, Wolverton was unable to force Carbone off his feet and would fall to Fat-T. At the end of the match Scott Mayson and Fat-T would beat Wolverton down again.


Kevin Ryan/Shean Christopher def. Adam Priest/Tyler Franks

Ryan and Christopher represent Wasted Generation along with Hunter Drake. They have been very impressive in the tag team ranks as of late. Adam Priest and Tyler Franks are two guys who have a history with Ryan and Christopher in the Alabama and Tennessee areas. Both teams familiarity with each other shortened the feeling out process considerably. Franks and Priest utilized very quick tags and broke the ring down into a quarter trapping Ryan on their side of the ring. Ryan and Christopher had brief moments of offense only to find themselves back to the same disadvantage. In the end it would be Wasted Generation taking advantage of mass confusion and getting the victory.

Matt Hankins and Billy Buck came out to the ring to address Bill Behrens. They called out Bill who came out to ringside with Griff Garrison. Hankins stated that Bill is no longer fit to run Anarchy, but instead of handling things like he has in the past, he was going to be calmer when asking Bill to step down. He then presented an alternative to Bill, who he feels could run Anarchy Wrestling. Hankins then presented a video of Stephen Platinum. Platinum rehashed the history of the three times he attempted to purchase Anarchy Wrestling, most recently in 2015. Behrens responded with “the rest of the story” and gave the other side of the story as to why Platinum was never sold Anarchy. Behrens rejected the idea of stepping down. Hankins was livid. There was then a challenge laid down for March 28th. Hankins wanted Garrison to defend the championship at that event. Behrens agreed and said Garrison would defend against Buck. Hankins stopped Behrens and said he wasn’t talking about Buck, he wanted the shot for Shane Marx who had pinned Garrison in a recent tag team match after a Billy Buck superkick. Buck looked confused and visibly upset. The match was made, Buck shoved Hankins and walked off.

John Johnson was interviewing Stryknyn in another pre-taped interview. The whole segment seemed to be taken over by the mysterious man who has been seen with Azrael. JJ spoke to us after the event and said that the interview was very riveting and Stryknyn revealed a lot about his story and the reason for his actions. It seems like there are some mind games coming from Azrael’s camp.


Will Huckaby def. Geter

This steel cage match with a loser leaves town stipulation was a fitting end to the story of Huckaby and Geter. A story that has been covered in controversial endings and brutality would end the same. Both men went at each other with revenge and bad intentions in mind. Very early one referee Daryl Hall was taken out after been sandwiched between both men. Referee David Weakly would take over. Hankins attempted to sneak a chair into the cage, but that was thwarted by Weakly, who prevented the use of the chair by both men. Weakly would be felled by the same fate as fellow referee Hall. This brought in Blaze who swung the chair and missed hitting Huckaby. Geter turned his attention to Blaze, who he brutalized. Huckaby recovered and attempted to go through the door. Geter would stop his attempt. Blaze recovered enough to jump on the back of Geter and would try to choke him out. While wildly swinging Geter pushed Blaze into Huckaby and sending him down the steps and into a victory. Geter would be out of a job, and out of patience. With nothing to lose, he shut the cage door and took his frustrations out on his former partner. Geter left The Undeniable laying to the delight of the fans. Shane Marx tried to get involved but was cut off by Griff Garrison.  Geter exited to the cage and took one last lap around ringside at the Landmark Arena. Fans were very emotional saying their goodbyes to Geter