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By Shannon Walsh on 3/31/2020 7:52 AM

Tokyo Joshi Pro will have no fans shows streaming on DDT Universe on 4/3/20 and 4/11/20. No cards or exact start times were announced yet as of this writing.

The company was of course supposed to be in Ybor City, Florida, USA originally on 4/3 as part of WrestleCon’s Wrestlemania Week events. All of those shows were canceled because of the virus pandemic.

On 4/11, they were going to run at Itabashi Green Hall in Tokyo but that venue option is canceled because of the virus as as well.

They announced upcoming dates for 4/18 (in Osaka), 4/19 (in Hakata), 4/25 (at Itabashi Green Hall), 4/26 (at Itabashi Green Hall with the women wrestling fans only show), 5/3 (at Korakuen Hall), 5/5 (in Kitazawa), 5/10 (in Osaka), 5/23 (at Shinkiba 1st Ring), 5/30 (at Shinkiba 1st Ring), and 6/14 (in Kitazawa). Tickets are on sale but they pretty much warned that there’s no guarantee they will happen depending on the virus.

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