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By Eric Denton on 4/22/2020 3:08 PM

I took up Pro Wrestling Guerrilla on their DVD sale and you should too. This is my recap of "Matt Rushmore" from 2013 in Reseda, CA


The show opens with Excalibur doing this opening spiel reminding everyone that "everyday is Earth Day and we recycle". 

Mount Rushmore comes to the ring. The PWG Champion Adam Cole with Kevin Steen and the PWG tag team champions The Young Bucks. Nick Jackson is carrying a bag and rips it open dumping out plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Adam Cole lays on the mat and does snow angels in the garbage. The crowd boos and laughs hard. We get a "holy sh*t" chant after Cole superkicks a beer can out of mid air. Matt Jackson takes the microphone and they play "nWo survey time". Are you here to see "PWG" or are you here to see "Mount Rushmore". They mock recycling with Nick saying "global warming is a work" and Matt goes after the "mark in the ring" (Excalibur) for not leaving. Legion Larry brings a broom and trash can to the ring, Steen takes it and gives the broom an elbow drop. Excalibur takes the mic back and runs them down for insulting founding member Joey Ryan and disrespecting Candice LeRae who has bigger balls than any of you guys, however they cross the line belittling recycling. 


B-BOY & WILLIE MACK vs PPRAY (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) - Rick Knox is your referee. Roderick Strong on commentary with Excalibur


PPRAY attack Mack and B-Boy at the bell and they throw Mack out to the floor. Avalon accidentally hits Rosas and B-Boy knocks out Avalon. Rosas drags Avalon's limp body to the corner and tags himself in. He starts gyrating and the crowd chants "Sexy Jesus". Mack tags in and they face off. Mack chops Rosas and he flees to the corner and tags in Avalon. If anyone thinks "The Librarian" of AEW is a skinny guy you haven't seen him before he put on muscle. Just wow. Avalon psyches himself up to get in the ring and he runs right into a big boot from Mack and is brought to the corner where B-Boy tags in. B-Boy chops Avalon hard but he is able to get to the corner and tags in Rosas and they manage to clock B-Boy with double knees (or groins) to the face. Rosas takes off his fanny pack and uses it to do a reverse neck breaker. Rosas puts the bag on B-Boy's chest and starts to count a pin attempt. B-Boy kicks out at 2. Avalon tagged back in. B-Boy grabs both men and performs a Russian leg sweep/DDT combo taking out both men. He tags in Mack go destroys Avalon, throwing him around like a toddler. Rosas gets a blind tag and knees Mack in the face taking control briefly. Mack tries a Stinger Splash and misses. PPRAY take over with a double team attack. Avalon tags back in and gets thrown in the air and into a cutter. B-Boy tags in, Avalon is dumped to the floor and Mack & B-Boy wreck Rosas. Avalon back in and he takes out B-Boy, Rosas to the top rope and he dives onto Mack on the outside. All hell breaks loose. Avalon and Mack spill out to the floor. B-Boy trips up Rosas and delivers two face kicks and a Shining Wizard for the 3 count. Winners WILLIE MACK & B-BOY


ACH vs KEVIN STEEN - Justin Borden is your referee. Johnny Gargano is now on commentary.


Steen attacks ACH before the bell and stomps him in the corner. Steen throws him around. This was ACH's PWG debut match and Steen yells at him "Who are you?". Steen goes for a senton but ACH isn't fully on his back and all of Steen's weight crashes down on ACH's head and neck, The crowd "ooohs" and cringes. Steen was constantly running his mouth during the match as part of his act that has been dropped by WWE. ACH is finally able to get some advantage by dumping Steen out of the ring. Steen runs back in the nearly decapitates ACH with a lariat and throws him out to the floor. Steen walks over to the bar for a cup of water. ACH back in and he gets his hands stepped on and kicked repeatedly. Steen informs a fan that he loves the guys mom and that he is his father. And that he's very disappointed in him. Steen and ACH brawl outside until he picks up ACH and throws him into the ring post. Back inside. ACH starts a comeback and he covers for a 2 count. He tries to do the package piledriver on Steen but it doesn't work. Steen goes for the cannonball buy misses. ACH hits a cutter for two. Pop up powerbomb and Steen picks up ACH in a fireman's carry that ACH turns into a Stunner. Steen rolls out and ACH dives on him. Back inside for another near fall on Steen. ACH going to the top rope but Steen stops him and chops him. ACH is able to hit a sunset flip powerbomb and puts Steen in a crossface, Steen gets to the ropes. ACH tries another sunset powerbomb to the floor but Steen hangs onto the ropes and grabs ACH by the face and pulls him up to the ring apron. ACH tries a hurricanranna but he gets a powerbomb. Sleeper suplex for a two count followed by a package piledriver for three. Post match Steen welcomes ACH to his first PWG and gives him two more package piledrivers. He shakes his hand. Your winner KEVIN STEEN


AR FOX & RICH SWANN vs BEST FRIENDS (Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor) - Rick Knox is your referee. Kevin Steen now on commentary with Excalibur


Swann starts vs Trent and does D'Lo Brown's mannerisms. Trent and Swann trade reversals and kicks. Swann gets the better of Trent and he tags in Taylor, Swann brings in Fox. We get the same from Taylor and Fox, Taylor trips up Fox and puts him in the figure-four. Fox attempts to roll it over and with fan encouragement he is able. Taylor reverses, Fox reverses. Taylor reverses it again and Swann comes in and flips Fox. Taylor reverses but Trent comes in and accidentally flips Fox back into the offensive position. The hold gets broken up and Best Friends bail to the outside. Taylor takes control of Fox and bodyslams him in the corner. Tag to Trent who does an elaborate set up but ends up kicking Fox in the ear. Taylor tags in and hits a senton on Fox for a two count. Another quick tag and Trent gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle and he tags out to Swann. Swann hits a pretty drop kick that pisses off Taylor. Swann dropkicks Chuckie T for his comments. Trent uses this to his advantage and grabs a headlock on Swann. Swann thrown into the turnbuckle and a tag to Taylor. Taylor with a slam and elbow on Swann and a tag to Trent. They Irish whip Swann into the ropes but he grabs Best Friends and does a double stunner. Tag to Fox who is on fire doing dives on each side of the ring on Trent & Chuck. Trent and Fox back in. Swann sneaks in and gives Trent a kick and hurricanranna off the top rope, Fox splashes Trent immediately. Taylor comes in and puts Swann in the Razor's Edge position and does a sit out powerbomb for two as Fox breaks it up. Best Friends hit a double chokeslam on AR Fox for a near fall. Swann breaks up the pin and the four men start super kicking each other. Everyone is down and Rick Knox starts the 10 count. Swann & Fox are up and go after Taylor but he gets out of it and wrecks both Fox & Swann in the corner. Trent nails Swann with a claymore-esque kick for two. Swann hits a destroyer on Trent, Fox with a senton bomb and he goes for the cover. Taylor breaks it up at two. Swann to the top rope and Trent runs up and throws Swann across the ring and he bounces out to the ring apron. Taylor grabs AR Fox and hits him with the Awful Waffle for the pinfall victory. 

Your winners BEST FRIENDS (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta)


BRIAN CAGE vs TOMMASO CIAMPA vs TONY NESE vs DRAKE YOUNGER - Justin Borden is your referee. 


Match starts with a bang as Ciampa pummels Younger right out of the gate, He drags him to the ring and drops him head and neck first onto the second hardest part of the ring. Drake his the floor awkwardly grabbing his neck and knee. Even Kevin Steen on commentary felt the move was a bit too brutal. Ciampa is in the ring and goes after Tony Neese. "Ciampa's gonna kill you" chant starts up as both Neese and Ciampa trade kicks. Brian Cage trips up Ciampa and Neese, Neese pops back up and gets to the top rope and hits Ciampa with a second rope moonsault for a two count. Neese to the outside and he starts to brawl with Cage. Drake to the top rope and he nails them both with a moonsault to the floor and the crowd goes banana. He return to the ring and is blasted by Ciampa with a face first Mikonoshu Driver. Cage in the ring now and nails Ciampa with elbows to the neck. Cage picks up Ciampa and Neese tries to hit Cage with a flying body press but Cage catches him and throws both men with a fall-a-way slam. Younger grabs Ciampa from behind and gives him a dragon suplex. He grabs Neese and nails him with a running Mikonoshu driver onto Cage in the corner. Ciampa recovers and hits Drake with a German, Cage picks up Drake for another German and Neese follows up another German Neese goes for a pin but he's stomped on by Cage to break it up. Cage throws Neese into the corner and he lands on the top rope. Cage kicks Neese in the gut and the impact bounces him into the air, Cage catches him on his shoulders and delivers a spine buster. Cage finds Younger and throws him to the outside and Ciampa sneaks in and covers Neese for a two count. Cage hits Ciampa with a discus lariat on the ring apron. He stands on the second rope and suplexes Ciampa back into the ring. Neese climbs to the top rope but is met by Cage who headbutts him then delivers a delayed suplex from the second rope. Younger to the top rope and he tries to do a senton onto Cage but he's caught in a suplex position and is nailed with a powerslam for a two count. Tony Neese hits Cage with a dropkick from the top rope. Kevin Steen informs us Neese is wrestling with a torn ACL. Ciampa throws Neese into the corner and gives him three running knees to the face. Ciampa then does a plancha onto Cage and Younger on the floor. Ciampa is back in the ring and he hits Neese with another running knee. He picks up Neese and carries him up to the second rope for an avalanche Air Raid Crash but Cage is in to break up the pin. He tries to super-plex Neese but Drake jumps onto the rope and gives him a powerbomb. Ciampa gives Younger and fisherman's suplex but Neese off the top rope hits a 450 splash for a near fall. Cage breaks it up. It's a free for all with kicks and double lariats. Younger is hit with another snapdragon by Ciampa,  Cage and Ciampa spill out to the floor. Neese cartwheels away from Cage on the ring apron and hits him with a superkick. Neese back on the ring apron and Drake charges but gets a shoulder block into his gut. Neese rolls him up for two but picks him up and throws Drake out of the ring onto Ciampa and Cage. Neese gathers steam to do a dive to the outside but Ciampa greets him with a clothesline and lungblower but the pin is broken up by Brian Cage. Neese bounces from the ring. Ciampa and Cage start beating each other with forearms to the head and neck. Cage gets the advantage and powerbombs Ciampa. He goes for Weapon X but it's not executed well enough which allows Drake to break up the pin. Younger picks up Ciampa and drops him on his head for the pinfall victory. Younger hugs Justin and Steen calls him a kiss ass little b. 


JOHNNY GARGANO vs RODERICK STRONG- Justin Borden is your referee. Rich Swann replaces Steen on commentary


Strong and Gargano lockup and go through a set of grapples and take downs. The crowd starts encouraging Strong to "Chop that ho" which concerns Gargano so much so that he puts on a hoodie to protect his chest. This however doesn't work, Roddy chops him loudly through the hoodie. Gargano drops to the mat and Strong stomps him and takes off the hoodie. Gargano tries to roll up Strong but ends up in the Stronghold, Gargano breaks free and tries to get Strong into the Gargano Stretch but he escapes. Both men retreat to a neutral corner. They go back to the middle of the ring for a stare down and they begin to trade vicious chops that turn into elbows to the head and neck. Strong falls to a knee and Gargano with a low dropkick to his head. Gargano grabs Strong's arm and hyper-extends his elbow twice. Gargano wraps up Strong elbow with his knee and starts trying to break Roddy's fingers. Strong reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. Gargano with a sarcastic bow to the Reseda faithful. Strong throws Gargano into the turnbuckle and starts to chop him once again. Gargano thrown in to the turnbuckle and the kicks and chops continue. Strong with another Irish whip into the opposite corner, Gargano is able to move and gives Strong an enziguri and he falls out of the ring. Gargano to the with a running dive onto Strong on the outside. Strong with a nice catch that keeps Gargano from landing on his head. Gargano throws Strong onto an fan and sits him down in their seat for more chops. Johnny throws Strong back into the ring and he's met with a back-breaker to even the playing field. Strong gets a two count. Gargano thrown to the outside and Strong sits him down in a chair and gives him more chops, repaying Gargano with the same humiliation he just went through on the other side of the American Legion Hall. Back into the ring and Strong picks Gargano up like a baby and drops him across the knee for another back-breaker for a one count. Strong with a series of suplexes for another near fall. Strong goes behind and Gargano frees himself with elbows. They criss-cross the ring missing clotheslines and nail each other with a double flying body presses. Borden starts the 10 count. Strong into the turnbuckles and Gargano with a clothesline. Strong to the mat and gets a komaguri to the face. Tornado DDT from Gargano for another two count. Strong rolls out and Gargano attempts a tope' suicido but catches and elbow to the face. Strong back into the ring and he runs at Gargano who ducks. Strong slips going over the ropes and falls awkwardly. Gargano out of the ring and Strong nails him with a wheelbarrow suplex on the apron. Gargano thrown back into the ring and he stands up in the corner. Strong charges at him with a knee to the head and a follow up running elbow and then the Angle Slam for a two count. Strong puts Gargano in the corner and picks him up onto the top rope for a superplex. Another two count. Strong picks up Gargano in a fireman's carry but Gargano pummels Strong with elbows that drop him to his knees. Gargano with a superkick and he picks up Strong and lawn-darts him into the turnbuckle. Gargano Stretch, Strong gets to the ropes, Strong tries the Stronghold again but Gargano gets out of it. More kicks and elbows. Both men are down. Borden starts another ten count. Strong is up. Gargano is up, more chops from Strong. Strong charges at Gargano who misses a leapfrog and ends up on Strong's shoulders. Gargano is able to knee Strong in the face and gives Strong a snapdragon suplex for a very late kick out. Strong recovers and hits Johnny with an enziguri, a gutbuster a back breaker and powerbomb and another kick out. They trade more punches and elbows. Gargano is able to get Strong down and into the Gargano Stretch for the tap out victory. YOUR WINNER - JOHNNY GARGANO



Referee is Rick Knox. Kevin Steen back on commentary


Candice sneaks up behind the Young Bucks who are posing for the crowd and she gives them a double ball-plex. Bucks bounce out of the ring to the floor and the bell rings. Joey with a diving flip onto Matt & Nick on the floor. Candice follows him with a top rope moonsault nailing the Bucks. Ryan throws Nick into the ring as Candice climbs to the top rope again. Joey throws Candice onto Nick and she executes a tornado DDT. Kevin Steen channels his inner Bobby Heenan trying to shout instructions and manage the Bucks from his commentary chair. Candice runs the ropes but Matt Jackson trips her up and pulls her outside. Matt into the ring attempting to dive on the LeRae but he doesn't see Joey Ryan get in the ring and Matt is nailed with a spear. Joey dives on to Nick on the outside. Candice off the top rope and gives Matt a hurricanrana for a two count. Joey and Candice try to do a double kick to Matt's head but Nick pulls out Candice and Matt hits Joey with a facebuster. Nick to his corner and Matt tags him in. Nick takes off his shirt and chokes Joey with it, he starts putting the boots to him as well. Nick does John Cena's "U Can't See Me" hand motion at the fans as he grabs Joey Ryan in the headlock and eye rakes him across the top rope. Joey Ryan is in the wrong part of town, Nick kicks Joey and he drops in the corner. Tag to Matt who stomps Joey. Matt walks over to Candice and blows a kiss at her. She's enraged and tries to get in the ring but it stopped by Knox. On the other side Nick tries another eye rake on Ryan but he's punched instead. Matt turns around and eats a knuckle sandwich from Joey. Matt recovers and bites Joey, tags to Nick who gets a suplex from Joey. Nick tags Matt back in as Joey rolls to his corner and is able to tag in Candice. She dives off the top rope but is caught by the Bucks. They try to throw her but she arm drags Nick out of the ring. She runs at Matt and ducks a clothesline and puts him in the octopus. Nick reenters the ring and yells Superkick Party which alerts Candice. She spins out of the way and Matt end ups spearing Nick. LeRae still has a hold of Matt and gives him a facebuster. Joey assists Candice as she walks the ropes and gives Nick Jackson a hurricanrana to the floor. Steen is going apoplectic on commentary swearing up a storm unbelieving what he is seeing out of Candice. Joey Ryan to the outside and he throws Matt into the ring. He runs at Matt who pulls down the top rope sending Joey spilling to the floor. Matt turns around and dropkicks Candice in the face. She is down and Matt throws her back in the ring. Matt pulls her hair and tags in Nick who jumps on the back of her head from the top rope. Nick taunts Joey Ryan as Matt chokes out Candice behind Knox's back. Nick tags Matt and they hit Candice with back to back neck-breakers. Nick covers Candice but Joey breaks it up. Matt gets Joey in a head-scissors holding him so Nick can give him a superkick. Ryan tumbles to the floor. Matt & Nick take turns choking Candice with the ring ropes. Matt shows off doing some unnecessary flips and Candice pounces on him with multiple punches. Nick kicks her off of Matt. Nick runs over to the corner and knocks down Joey. Matt holds up Candice for Nick but she ducks and Nick clotheslines Matt. Candice tries to get to Joey but Matt grabs her and throws her into the turnbuckle. Matt & Nick go for double kicks but she ducks. Nick ends up kicking Matt in the face allowing Candice to tag in Joey. Ryan is a house of fire, repeated elbows to both Bucks and nice dropkick to the kisser of Matt. Nick is in and back rakes Joey slowing his momentum. Ryan in the corner. Matt Irish whips Nick at Joey who ducks and Matt hits Nick with a splash. Release German on Matt Jackson and Joey powerbombs Nick onto Matt's back. Ryan covers Matt for two. Nick boots Joey in the face and goes to the ring apron but he's speared to the floor by Joey. Candice in the ring to go after Matt and she gives him a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Ball-plex to Matt. Nick comes up behind Candice and grabs her crotch area, she fights him off as Joey Ryan is in and he hits Nick in the back. Joey gets behind Nick and gives him the "vagina-plex" which Kevin Steen does not find humorous. Nick is bounced to the floor and Candice with a swinging DDT onto the concrete. Superkick from Joey to Matt for a two count. Joey tags in Candice and they pick up Matt for a suplex. Nick into the ring and he saves Matt. Elbow to Ryan and a kick to the boiler for LeRae. Joey stands up and the flip Candice onto him in the piledriver position. Superkick to Ryan who falls and tombstones LeRae. Double superkick to Joey and he rolls out of the ring. Matt picks up Candice in a fireman's carry as Nick climbs to the top rope. Joey runs in and knocks down Nick. Candice pops up onto Matt's shoulders for a reverse-rana. LeRae covers. 1, 2, NO! Nick pulls Rick Knox out of the ring breaking up the pin. Knox and Nick are back in the ring. Nick shoves Knox, Knox shoves him back and Nick turns around into a superkick from Joey. Ryan puts Nick up on the top rope and gives some instructions to Candice. She hammers Nick in the back and climbs up for a reverse-rana. Matt Jackson kicks Joey in the crotch but since it's 2013 and he hasn't developed his super power he goes down in a heap. Matt stops Candice and she is nailed by the Meltzer Driver. Joey is unable to get into the ring and Rick Knox almost hits the 3 count. Nick dives onto Joey sending him down into the chairs. Candice with a reverse-rana on Matt for a near fall. Matt kicks out and kicks Joey in the face. Matt slams Candice and Nick hits her with a 450 splash, Matt follows up immediately with a moonsault for the pinfall. 



This is the main event of the evening scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit for the PWG World Championship


PRO WRESTLING GUERRILLA CHAMPION - ADAM COLE vs KYLE O'REILLY - referee is Rick Knox - Chuck Taylor on commentary


Cole and O'Reilly lock up and spin around the ring. Cole is able to back up O'Reilly into the corner. He backs up and let's everyone know he's ADAM COLE BAY BAY.

They lock up again but this time O'Reilly gets the better of it and he beings working over Cole's arm. Cole gets backed up into the ropes. O'Reilly releases the hold and goes for a spin kick but Cole ducks and rolls outside. He tries to call a time out but Rick Knox starts the count out. Cole takes a walk and O'Reilly sits on the second rope welcoming Cole back into the ring. Cole looks wary but hops onto the apron and enters. He was right to be concerned. O'Reilly stands up and kicks the second rope which hits Cole right in the cajones. Cole drops to the outside and O'Reilly swivels his hips playing to the crowd. Cole re-enters the ring holding his groin and asks for a "test of strength" and O'Reilly obliges. They end up on their backs in a Grecco Roman knuckle-lock, each man bridging for two counts on each other. Cole rolls up O'Reilly and they repeat the sequence with multiple two count reversals. Cole gets up and O'Reilly with a roundhouse kick to his head. Cole goes to the corner to hide and is very concerned about O'Reilly's offense. Cole offers another test of strength, O'Reilly grabs his hand and is kick in the gut. Cole grabs a headlock but O'Reilly shoves him off and runs the ropes, Cole hits him with a shoulder block and O'Reilly goes down in a heap. Cole runs at O'Reilly who leapfrogs Cole, O'Reilly runs at Cole who leapfrogs back. Cole points to his head telling the fans how smart he is as O'Reilly kicks him in the back of the knee, Cole falls on his butt into a seated position. O'Reilly kicks Cole in the back and covers him for one. Arm drags on to Cole. Cole tries to arm drag O'Reilly but it doesn't work as O'Reilly gets him in a leg hold. Cole reaches the ropes, O'Reilly with a knee to Cole and he puts him into the abdominal stretch. Elbows to the ribs and a cover. Kick out, O'Reilly starts kicking Cole. O'Reilly notices Joey Ryan's lollipop is somehow in the ring and he puts it in Cole's mouth and kicks him. Cole spits it out and whips O'Reilly into the turnbuckle, he charges but runs into O'Reilly's boot. Kyle hops up on the top rope but Cole hits him with a step up enzugiri and O'Reilly crashes to the floor. Cole to the outside to roll O'Reilly back into the ring and he lets the fans know they "are all stupid". Back to back hard elbows to O'Reilly and he is down. Cole goes for what looks like a running knee strike, O'Reilly lays down to avoid it but Cole rakes his eyes with his boots. Cole stands up O'Reilly and is greeted with a series of strikes. O'Reilly runs off the ropes but is hit with a clothesline and goes down. Cole puts O'Reilly in a head in a thigh scissors and he starts to squeeze. O'Reilly is able to roll to the ropes as the fans distract Cole with their verbal assaults. O'Reilly takes control with a series of kicks and strikes and Cole goes down to the mat. More kicks to Cole's chest. They trade running knees, O'Reilly hits Cole and gives him three butterfly suplexes into an arm bar, Cole is able to reach the ropes. Cole on the outside ring apron and O'Reilly with they haymakers. He has Cole in a front face lock and both men attempt vertical suplexes. Cole is able to pick up O'Reilly and dump him to the floor. O'Reilly gets up grabbing his knee and falls. Knox starts the count. Cole attempts a dive to the outside but is nailed with an elbow by O'Reilly. O'Reilly on the apron and goes for a running drop kick but he eats a superkick. O'Reilly is in the ring but Cole crotches him on the ring post then puts him in the figure four around the post. Both men back in and Cole attacks O'Reilly's knee. Cole with an Irish Whip but O'Reilly falls trying to run. Cole continues to work over the knee. He is able to stand and tries some strikes, Cole kicks him in the leg and he goes down again. They face off and they start forearm strikes and elbows. Palm strikes and kicks. Superkick from Cole that send O'Reilly into the ropes, he bounces off the hits Cole with a lariat. They trade more kicks and strikes until O'Reilly gives Cole a dragon suplex. O'Reilly gets Cole in the guillotine but Cole gives O'Reilly the brain buster on his knee. Both guys trade kicks and forearms on the apron. Cole slams O'Reilly on second hardest part of the ring. Both men are down as Knox makes the count. Cole is up and in at 12 while O'Reilly is still getting counted out, he makes it in at 19. Cole hits him with a running knee strike. O'Reilly trades kicks with Cole, Cole tries to put Kyle into the figure four but O'Reilly rolls him up for a two count. Running knee from Cole takes out O'Reilly but only a two count. He applies the figure four and both men trade slaps. O'Reilly is able to get to the ropes. Cole climbs the ropes but it crotched, O'Reilly delivers an avalanche belly to back suplex and then a fisherman's suplex for a two count. Cole superkicks O'Reilly twice and Kyle is able to get Cole back into the guillotine in the middle of the ring. Cole flips over into a cover for two. Cole is able to give O'Reilly three kicks to the head but only gets a two count. Cole goes for another knee to the head but O'Reilly grabs his arm and puts him in the triangle. Cole with a sit down powerbomb to break the hold. O'Reilly with a running knee, head stomp, forearm, swinging DDT, suplex and a very near fall. O'Reilly puts Cole back in the arm bar. Nick & Matt Jackson run in and distract Rick Knox as Cole taps. O'Reilly releases and decks Nick. Matt comes running in from behind and Knox low bridges him, Matt flies to the floor. O'Reilly with a running dropkick that sends The Bucks into the chairs. O'Reilly back in but he's kicked by Cole who hits him with the Panama Sunrise, arrogant cover and O'Reilly kicks out. O'Reilly gets Cole in another cross arm-breaker but before he can tap Rick Knox is again pulled out of the ring. This time it's Kevin Steen who stomps O'Reilly breaking the hold. Steen tries to give O'Reilly the package piledriver but Rick Knox is back in and jumps onto Steen's back, Knox ends up in a fireman's carry and is given the F-5. Knox bounces to the floor, Steen with a package piledriver on O'Reilly. Cole drapes his arm over O'Reilly, Justin Borden into the ring to make the three count. The fans are upset chanting "this is bullsh*t" and Mount Rushmore decimates O'Reilly. Rich Swann and AR Fox enter the ring to help O'Reilly but to no avail. Drake comes in and lands a series of punches but is superkicked into oblivion. Finally the lockerroom empties. Gargano, Nese, Trent, Chuck and Candice and Joey come to the rescue. Gargano gets on the microphone and puts over PWG and the fans as he challenges Adam Cole to a title match and he promises O'Reilly the first shot if he wins.