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By Mike Johnson on 5/24/2020 7:06 AM

CBC Features Return To CWE & Hometown Of Thunder Bay.

It was with incredibly fan fare it was announced that Thunder Bay wrestling legend and international wrestling superstar Vampiro would be returning to Canadian Wrestling's Elite to compete on his first ever Canadian wrestling tour.

Excitement however is greater more so than anywhere else in the country than Thunder Bay, Ontario as Vampiro returns to his hometown to compete with the elite in what will be first match in front of his hometown crowd in over ten years on Saturday, November 7th!

CBC Thunder Bay sat down with the lucha libre legend to discuss not only his return to Thunder Bay but the importance of Vampiro touring his home country for the first time ever when he competes on ALL 24 events of CWE's Extreme Consequences Tour across five provinces Oct 17th-Nov 9th! 

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