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By Mike Johnson on 6/15/2020 7:05 AM

6/14- CWE Presents The 2020 Lethal Lottery.

Friday, July 10th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Rookie's Sports Bar (201 Melrose Ave. E)
Time: Bell time: 8pm
Tickets: $18 in advance, $21 at the door.
Purchase tickets online at

Canadian Wrestling's Elite hosts a variety of themed events throughout the year but no other is as wild and unpredictable like The Lethal Lottery and it is back!

CWE Presents The 2020 Lethal Lottery on Friday, July 10th at Rookie's Sports Bar in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the ultimate challenge for all competitors involved! To win The Lethal Lottery you must be capable of adapting to any style of opponent, friend, or foe at the drop of a hat and have elite endurance to outlast every other competitor in the night's competition to be crowned winner!

Every single wrestler that enters The Lethal Lottery has their name put in a draw and YOU the fans draw each name to make each match seconds before it happens! One fan draws a wrestler's name who then makes their way to the ring and then another fan will be given the opportunity to draw their opponent who then comes to the ring as well to begin the match right then and there leaving zero preparation physically or mentally for their opponent at hand!

This concept has gone on to create some legendary drawings of matches never before seen in a CWE ring, bitter enemies getting at each other's throats, friends being forced into battle with each other, and sometimes even tag team partners having to lock up!

The winners of each first round match get entered back into a second draw for the main event where teams will be drawn one pick after another for each team on the spot seconds before the match begins again creating two randomly drawn teams that almost always results in rivals being forced to team up and friends to battle again while trying to cooperate with their enemy to compete in a multi man elimination match!

The goal is to coexist with your Lethal Lottery tag team partners and create an on the fly strategy to completely eliminate the other team, individually member by member by pin fall, submission, disqualification, or count out. Once one team is completely eliminated, if there is one man remaining on the winning team he is declared the winner of the 2020 Lethal Lottery! If there is more than one member of that team remaining they will have to go from teaming up together just seconds prior to wrestling each other one on one or if there is more than three team members remaining, a multi man elimination match until one man remains to be declared The 2020 Lethal Lottery winner!

This is the one night a year there is no run sheet or format! There is no predetermined match order or scheduled main event! The wrestlers, the sound tech, and the ring announcer know just as much as the fans in the audience on what will take place as everyone eagerly plays close attention to the drawing of each name out of the draw as it could be anyone against anyone right that second!

Don't you dare miss the annual tradition that is The Lethal Lottery!

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