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By Mike Johnson on 7/11/2020 7:44 AM

7/11- CWE 7/10 Lethal Lottery, Winnipeg, MB Results.

Canadian Wrestling's Elite returned in front of another sold out, capacity crowd for the annual favorite Lethal Lottery last night and what a night of wild and unpredictable action!

Every match was drawn on the spot as they happened by the fans in attendance with the winners advancing to a second draw in the main event for a multi man tag team elimination match!

1) 2x CWE Champion "Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez enraged by Scott Ripley hitting him so hard he crapped himself mid match and put the 2019 King Of Transcona away with Kevin O'Doyle's power slam finishing move to advance to the finals.

2) CWE Tag Team & Hardcore Champion "Canadian Strong Style" Rob Stardom pinned "The Masterpiece Of The East" Alix Zwicker in an inter gender match following a brainbuster.

3) HIW Legend King Kash defeated HIW Grand Champion "Headline" Shaun Martens in a non title match.

4) "The Main Vein" Dick Blood wax victorious over "Misfit" Mike Mission by disqualification after Tyler James hit the ring for a 2 on 1 assault on Blood. Cliff Corleone hit the ring and ran off the The Degenerates before serious damage could be placed.

5) 2x CWE Tag Team Champion "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle pinned Chad Daniels.

6) Tyler James of The Degenerates accepted a financial offer from "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon to be counted out and award Cannon the match. After the count out was complete Dick Blood and Cliff Corleone got a taste of revenge by attacking James in the entrance way and returning the beatdown on Dick from two matches earlier.

7) 4x CWE Champion "Hotshot" Danny Duggan pinned "Cheetahbear" Jude Dawkins with The Cruel Summer.

8) 2020 King Of Transcona Johnny Malibu defeated Wildman Firpo.

9) Tyler Adams scored himself an easy victory against Cliff Corleone as Cliff Corleone was assaulted on his way to the ring by The Degenerates with a steel chair and thrown in the ring to be pinned with ease.

10) CWE Icon & International Icon "The Zombie Killer" MENTALLO pinned Roy Cheeks of The Cannon Corporation. 

11) Former CWE Tag Team Champion "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy defeated Adrien Reaper.

12) Two teams were drawn at random from the winners who advanced in the second round.

Team 1 was drawn as followed,

Captain- "Hotshot" Danny Duggan

b) "Limited Edition" Johnny Malibu

c) "Canadian Strong Style" Johnny Malibu

d) King Kash

e) "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon

f) "The Zombie Killer" MENTALLO *Awared to team #1 as the bonus man by coin flip.

Team 2 was drawn as followed,

Captain- Tyler Adams

b) "The Main Vein" Dick Blood

c) "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle

d) "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy

e) "The Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez

- Dick Blood was eliminated by Rob Stardom as The Degenerates continued to needle Blood as Blood attempted a piledriver but was distracted by an attempted assault by Mission and James which allowed Stardom to roll up Dick

- MENTALLO was eliminated by Kevy Chevy after a miscommunication on a double team attempt by MENTALLO and Duggan resulted in Duggan booting MENTALLO in the mouth and allowing Chevy to land a lariat for a pin.

- Tyler James was eliminated by Danny Duggan followed by a Cruel Summer

- Johnny Malibu was eliminated by Kevin O'Doyle after Kevin Cannon caused a distraction to his own partner.

- Rob Stardom was eliminated by Kevin O'Doyle after a powerslam after Cannon hit his own partner Stardom from behind when Stardom was attempting a brainbuster on O'Doyle which allowed O'Doyle to hit a power slam.

- Kevin Cannon was eliminated by Kevin O'Doyle after Duggan and Kash forced him into the match due to his betrayal of two of his teammates.

- Kevy Chevy was eliminated by King Kash after a running Liger Bomb.

- King Kash was pinned by Kevin O'Doyle after Duggan hit his own partner Kash with a Cruel Summer as the two failed to agree on strategy. 

- Danny Duggan was pinned by Kevin O'Doyle after a power slam after Duggan hit a Cruel Summer on Sanchez for what looked to be an elimination but Kash slid back in the ring and hit Duggan with a low blow that allowed O'Doyle to beat Duggan.

- AJ Sanchez and Kevin O'Doyle were the two remaining members of their team and their match and as a result had to wrestle each other. In a major upset Kevin O'Doyle took a shortcut in what was an even steven, fair match between the two partners up until that point to pin AJ Sanchez for a three count.

Kevin O'Doyle is your 2020 Lethal Lottery winner!

CWE returns to Rookie's Sports Bar with Cruel Summer on Friday, August 7th!

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