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By Mike Johnson on 9/25/2020 4:06 PM
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Indiana is the center of the independent wrestling universe this weekend, with four big events streaming live.

Tonight (9/25) LIVE on IWTV at 7:30pm EDT, Paradigm Pro Wrestling presents their third Anniversary show, Same Energy:

  • Heavy Hitters Championship, Street Fight: Bobby Beverly (c) vs Matthew Justice
  • PPW Title: Freddie Hudson (c) vs Myron Reed
  • The Rejects (Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch vs DDTrash (Ron Mathis and Bruce Grey)
  • Championship: Chase Holliday (c) vs Cole Radrick vs Lee Moriarty
  • UWFI Rules: Brett Ison vs Calvin Tankman
  • UWFI Rules: "Hoodfoot" Mo Atlas vs O'Shay Edwards
  • UWFI Rules: Nolan Edward vs Dominic Garrini
  • UWFI Rules: Justin Kyle vs Flash Thompson
  • UWFI Rules: Derek Neal vs Juicy Jimmy
  • Billie Starkz and Charlie Kruel vs PB Smooth and Tre Lamar
  • Bradley Prescott IV vs Everett Connors
  • Adam Slade vs Dylan Derringer

Tomorrow (9/26) at 8pm EDT, Unsanctioned Pro 9: Indiana Vacation streams LIVE on IWTV:

  • UP Championship: Everett Cross vs Dominic Garrini
  • Calvin Tankman vs Shane Mercer
  • Awesome Odyssey and Myron Reed vs The Rejects and Tre Lamar
  • Lee Moriarty vs Lexus Montez
  • Alex Colon vs Devon Moore
  • Gnarls Garvin vs Cole Radrick
  • PB Smooth vs Bradley Prescott IV
  • Lord Crewe vs O'Shay Edwards
  • Sage Phillips vs Adam Slade

In addition to the Paradigm Pro and Unsanctioned Pro events streaming on IWTV, IWA Mid-South streams LIVE twice this weekend on FITE.TV

IWA Mid-South's Prince Of The Deathmatches airs LIVE on FITE tonight (9/25) at 7:30pm EDT:

  • IWA World Title: Jake Crist (c) vs Rickey Shane Page
  • IWA Tag Team Title: Alice Crowley and Becky Idol (c) vs Gregory Iron and Eric Ryan
  • Vincent Nothing vs Jimmy Jacobs
  • POTDM First Round, Thumbtack Madness and Barbed Wire Boards: Logan James vs Lukas Jacobs
  • POTDM First Round, 4 Corners Of Pain: Atticus Cogar vs Kevin Giza
  • POTDM First Round, Hardcore Tables, Ladders and Doors: Lincoln Moseley vs Dewey Wellington
  • POTDM First Round, Gussets and Skewers Galore: Cody McCulley vs Mason Martin

Sunday (9/27) at 5pm EDT, IWA Mid-South's 2020 Double Death Tag Team Deathmatch Tournament streams LIVE on FITE:

  • Death From Above: Rickey Shane Page and Eric Ryan vs Colton Collins and Elkview Adam
  • Fans Bring The Weapons: Amazing Maria and Tyra Russamee vs SHLAK and Joe McDougal
  • 4 Corners Of Pain: Josh Crane and Dale Patricks vs Tristen Ramsey and Lukas Jacobs
  • Barbed Wire Boards, Taipei Deathmatch, Bar Room Brawl: Brad Cash and Cody McCulley vs Neil Diamond Cutter and Herzog

You can stream both IWA Mid-South shows LIVE on FITE.

You can watch Paradigm Pro and Unsanctioned Pro with your IWTV subscription.

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