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By Joe D on 3/30/2021 9:00 AM

Future Stars of Wrestling returned Sat Mar 27th at the FSW Arena for Day of Reckoning, for its first PPV of the Year.

Unguided (Matt Vandagriff & Damian Drake) def Kenny King & Shogun to win FSW Tag Team Titles

Bad Dude Tito defeated Jordan Cruz, Hero Leu, and Watson 

Sefa Fatu def Shawn Daivari 

RMB def Bad Btichez, Death Proof and Toko Uso 

Remy Marcel def Hyperstreak to win Nevada State Championship

C.L.A.S won Cash in the Case Ladder Match defeating Eli Everfly, Brandon Gatson, Wiseguy, Jakob Austin Young, and Jai Vidal 

Ice Williams def Funny Bone to retain No Limits Championship

Mazzerati def Danika Della Rouge to retain FSW Women's Championship

Hammerstone def Graves to win FSW Heavyweight Championship

PPV replay is available at