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By Mike Johnson on 8/1/2021 7:36 AM


[Sofia. 1 August 2021] The 2021 IMMAF Youth MMA World Championships culminated today with its Youth A category tournament, which concluded three days of competition at the EFE Marinela in Sofia and marked the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s return to competition following a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic.

With 331 competitors from 23 different countries taking part, the nation vs. nation event featured three tournaments comprising Youth A (16 – 17 yrs.), Youth B (14 – 15 yrs.) and Youth C (12 – 13 yrs.) categories and a total of 438 bouts over 28 hours of matches.

The Youth Worlds were live streamed at IMMAF TV and remain available on replay with individual matches videos to be available shortly.

Ukraine topped the medals tables in all three categories to a total of 52 medals, followed by Russia with a total of 43. USA came in third place with 17 medals.

See the full list of medallists attached

Returning medallists to make the podium in 2021 are:

  • Asia Girelli (Italy): 2019 Silver medallist (Women’s Youth C 48kgs/105lbs); 2021 Bronze medallist (Women’s Youth B 52kg/ 115lbs).
  • Anastasiia Horodivska (Ukraine): 2019 Silver medallist (Women’s Youth C 57kgs/125lbs); 2021 Silver medallist (Women's Youth B 57 Kg /126 Lbs).
  • Asia Martari (Italy): 2019 Gold medallist (Women’s Youth B 67kgs/147lbs); 2021 Bronzemedallist (Women's Youth B 62 Kg /137 Lbs)
  • Delton Kaufmann (USA): 2019 Gold medallist (Men’s Youth C 52kgs/114lbs); 2021 Bronze medallist (Men's Youth B 62 Kg /137 Lbs)
  • Danil Zheliaskov (Ukraine): 2019 Bronze medallist (Men’s Youth B 40kgs/88lbs); 2021 Silver medallist (Men's Youth A Strawweight 52.2 Kg/ 115 Lbs)
  • Anastasiia Holinko (Ukraine): 2019 Gold medallist (Women’s Youth B 52kgs/114lbs); Gold medallist (Women's Youth A Flyweight 56.7 Kg /125 Lbs)
  • Andrea Frisque (USA): 2019 Gold medallist (Women’s Youth B 62kgs/136lbs); 2021 Silver medallist (Women's Youth A Bantamweight 61.2 Kg/135 Lbs) 
  • Aleksandr Shepel (Russia): 2019 Bronze medallist (Men’s Youth B +85kg/187lbs)2021 Gold medallist (Men'sYouth A Light Heavyweight 93 Kg /205 Lbs)
  • Oleksandr Solovei (Ukraine): 2019 Gold medallist (Men’s Youth B +85kg/187lbs); 2021 Bronze medallist (Youth A Light Heavyweight 93 Kg /205 Lbs)
  • Matti Aurala (Finland): 2019 Silver medallist (Men’s Youth B +85kg/187lbs category); 2021 Bronze medallist (Men's Youth A Heavyweight 120.2 Kg /265 Lbs)

About IMMAF:

Founded in 2012, the purpose of IMMAF is to further the development, recognition and regulation of the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts), enabling amateur competition through the organisation of national MMA federations around the world. With a seven-year track record of organising international amateur Championships and developing the sport globally, IMMAF's membership today includes 117 National Federations worldwide with National Olympic Committee recognition in 49 countries. IMMAF has advanced programmes for education and certification of MMA coaches, referees and other technical officials, as well as Youth Development. Supported by the UFC®, IMMAF is the only legitimate international governing body for MMA, working to gain sport recognition and see MMA into the Olympic Games.