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By Mike Johnson on 10/12/2021 7:22 AM

CWE Rumble To Remember Live Event & IPPV Information.

Arguably the most popular annual CWE event of the year returns for the first time in two years after a hiatus last year due to Covid restrictions and it is returning in a way never done before as fans from around the world will now be available to tune in and watch the spectacle that is the 50 man Rumble To Remember!

CWE's Cruel Summer IPPV this summer was highly praised as the best all around IPPV production to date since the introduction of the format to Canadian Wrestling's Elite but unfortunately our biggest concern became our reality when a technical error on the Facebook live streaming service prevented the IPPV from going live and after a long delay from troubleshooting we were unable to proceed with the stream live.

Luckily our fans and supporters were greatly understanding but it wasn't ideal for CWE or for the audience that invested their money and time with some hosting parties and gatherings to watch the event so in the interest of avoiding any potential hiccups as we navigate this new format we are going to try things a little bit differently with this upcoming IPPV broadcast.

On Friday, October 29th CWE will film & produce the internet pay per view in front of a small live studio audience in Stonewall, Manitoba.

If you would like to participate in the broadcast and be there in person for the filming and production of the broadcast you can do so for only $25 by registering in advance.

This Rumble To Remember is typically the most in demand event of the year and spots to be on site for the production are extremely limited so it is recommended you register ASAP.

On Sunday, October 31st the internet pay per view broadcast version of the event will be available for purchase as it goes live at 7pm Central time where the event will be streamed to the public for the very first time and also available on demand for purchase following the initial airing.

On the small chance there is a technical difficulty of the postproduced broadcast streaming live on the Facebook streaming service again there will be a private link of the full event already loaded and ready to distribute to buyers to watch in real time without delay this go around. 

Registration to be in the building LIVE on Friday, October 29th is officially open so register NOW!

Pre ordering the internet pay per view will be opened up later today.

Friday, October 29th- Stonewall, MB
Location: TBA Upon Confirmed Registration
Time: Doors Open At 6pm, Bell Time 7pm
Registration: $25 Registration Fee
Register by contacting

Sunday, October 31st- Rumble To Remember IPPV
Time: 7pm Central
Internet Pay Per View Broadcast Price: $12.99
Order The IPPV: Link Will Go Live Today
Ordering information online at

For more information on CWE visit