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By Kendall Jenkins on 10/25/2021 9:20 AM

One of the big stories to consistently emerge from MMA and the UFC in particular comes through lower fighter pay – when it comes to the big money fights that often lead to the biggest bets and wagers through online sites like these no verification casinos and other betting sites too, the money is always a big question – if the fighters are a big draw or the main event, the PPV points can often  cover the gap, but for these lower ranked fighters and newcomers, the opposite is often true, as concerns around money and rising talent emerge once more. 

The latest fighter to raise these concerns has been the big name recently in Paddy “The Baddy Pimblett” – after making a big splash in his UFC debut and putting the rest of the division on notice, calls were immediately made whether or not it would be time for Paddy to step right toward a ranked opponent with Tony Fergusons name immediately being floated out there – saying in an interview on a podcast, Pimblett would be happy to fight a higher ranked name and start progressing through the division, but that money would need to be paid in order for him to make that leap. 

Paddy Pimblett insists would seek pay increase to fight ranked UFC  opponents after blistering debut - Saty Obchod News

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There is the question of course of whether or not it would be a case of pushing new talent too far and too fast, it has been seen time and time again where a fighter gains a small piece of notoriety or believe that a push into the upper echelons could happen within the next few fights, only to be put back down a peg or two once the challenge actually appears, and that’s where the balance for money comes in too – can the UFC afford to pay an up-and-comer more, putting all their eggs in one hype basket, only for them to lose and lose all of the thrill that comes with that too? Proven fighters who come out and win time and time again deserve the big paydays, something that the rising talent haven’t yet earned. 

The other name pushing for these bigger paydays has been Sean O’Malley who has recently come out on his own podcast regarding Pimblett and his own displeasure that there had been a lot of backlash when he started to ask for a bigger payday to take on more experienced fighters, and that the reaction here has been the opposite. Either way it’s a delicate balance that needs to be struck and paying on hype alone simply won’t be worth it in the long run, and many of these rising talent fighters may need to prove themselves outside of one or two fights before earning that bigger payday.