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By Mike Johnson on 2/11/2022 5:00 PM

China/USA Tag Team Battle to ease tensions and promote cultural understanding!

Game Changer Wrestling commentator on the call!


In what has to be a first in pro wrestling!

Pro Wrestling being used by United States Government and it's agencies as a diplomatic tool, to bridge gaps between people and cultures...with the goal of easing recent tensions between the nations.

Thousands of years of culture.

Hundreds of years of wrestling.

2 Nights Of Diplomatic collaboration between the United States and China!

1 groundbreaking match released to the world! (with more to come)

SIno American Friendship Match features two teams, each made up of an American and a Chinese tag team partner.

Zombie Dragon (USA) And Black Mamba (China)


Uncle Money (USA) and M.A. (China)

Changchun City 

Pro Wrestling is not just something people fight about on the internet, although at times it might seem that way.

Throughout history Pro Wrestling has brought people together and helped develop a strong sense of pride in who you are through larger than life Professional Wrestlers from diverse array of backgrounds!   In an unprecedented move, the US State Department reached out to Chinese Officials for permission for this project and concept, and China's Middle Kingdom Wrestling was more than happy to deliver the events to Changchun City, and Harbin City in China in January 2022!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling president Adrian Gomez stated "The potential for pro wrestling to act as a vessel to bring awareness to cultural and sports positivity continues to be untapped, and we're delighted to finally see pro wrestling events taking place in the realm of diplomacy between nations..."

The voice of Game Changer Wrestling "OG" Kevin Gill did the commentary for this event, and commented "I've been blessed to work on an insanely diverse array of incredibly unique events, at a plethora of locations, but never in my life did I imagine that the two most powerful nations on the planet could and would come together in the spirit of diplomacy through the magic of professional wrestling. People get caught up in negativity and toxicity about our great sport, but I invite everyone to take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about how magical it is for wrestling to be reaching new fans in countries like China, and for Chinese talent getting an opportunity to be seen by the world. Imagine seeing this unfold through the eyes of a person getting immersed in wrestling for the first time.  It's purely magical and I am humbled and honored to be included. This is truly poppin, doe....."

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