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By on 2/27/2022 7:30 AM

Freelance Underground “Breaking The Chains” results from Itasca, Illinois, USA ???????? at Church Street Brewing Company on 2/26/22 live on IWTV:

Cole Radrick pinned Koda Hernandez with the Cracker Jack Bomb.

Project MONIX came out for an Open Challenge. Aaron Payne answered it. MONIX pinned Payne while Payne was locked in a Dragon Sleeper. Chico Suave distracted the referee so MONIX could add more punishment after the match. Matt Knicks made the save to set up the next match.

Matt Knicks pinned Chico Suave after a flatliner. The stipulation was the win gets him a rematch in the future against Project MONIX.

FU Tag Team Champions Ruffo The Clown and Yabo The Clown beat Philly Collins and Marino Tenaglia when Ruffo pinned Collins after the Ballon of Death. Frank The Clown threw powder at Collins after his team sprayed Tenaglia and the referee with seltzer to blind them at the finish.


JJ Garrett pinned August Matthews after a frog splash.

Manny Cortez and Torero beat Mikey Montgomery and Eric Taylor when Taylor was pinned after a diving senton.

Skye Blue pinned GPA with an inside cradle.

FU Independent Champion Storm Grayson pinned Laynie Luck after a knee strike against the ropes.