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By on 3/14/2022 7:16 AM

Rocky Mountain Pro “Never Broken” results from Englewood, Colorado, USA ???????? at The Summit on 3/12/22 live on FITE:

The show opened with a tribute in the ring to referee Jeremy Wimmer who passed away a couple of weeks ago. The venue will now be named in his honor as The Wimmer Arena.

Panthro pinned Remy Dee by raking the eyes followed by a jackknife and illegally holding the ropes.

Damon Ace pinned RJ Keranen after a curb stomp in just a few seconds. Ace jumped him before the match. After the match, he got on the mic and said he’s taken everyone out who has been in his way. Echo came out to confront him. Echo said Ace has tried to take him out but has failed to get the job done. He challenged him to an immediate match and a referee approved it.

Damon Ace beat Echo by Count Out after kicking the ring step’s into Echo’s knee and the side of the ring. Echo had to be helped to the back and he was limping.

JK Pop (Johnny Casanova and Kaiden Koyama) beat RMP Tag Team Champions The Tag Dudes (Curtis Cole and Mathew Yaden) to win the titles when Casanova punched Cole with brass knuckles allowing Koyama to get the pin. The referee was distracted by checking on Yaden who was injured on the apron and he didn’t see the brass knuckles. 

Intermission. They had a performance by dark rock musician Sharone during the break. She is from Colorado.




NRW Champion Orin Veidt beat David Drake after the Total Anarchy finisher to knock Drake out and out of the ring. The stipulation was no ropes around the ring and you had to win by knockout. Stephen Ashburn ran out and attacked both of them after them. Ashburn cut a promo on Veidt and told him that he would be the one to take the title from him.

Damon Ace was shown attacking Baylum Lynx outside as Lynx was getting out of his car.

RMP Charged Champion Baylum Lynx  pinned Jumbo Zamore after a super kick to the groin. Lynx limped coming out and for the whole match to sell the attack from Ace earlier.

Christi Jaynes pinned RMP Lockettes Champion Reygan Grimez after the Ushigoroshi to win the title.

RMP Champion Bruce Wayans pinned Sledge with an inside cradle.

The show ended with a memorial graphic of Jeremy Wimmer.