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By Charles Rosala on 3/16/2022 7:20 AM

Fatal 4-way
Big Dan Champion vs Riley Rose vs Lucky13 vs Chase Oliver- Chase Oliver wins via pin fall on Big Dan Champion

Tag Team Match
9to5(Jack Verville & Louis Lyndon vs The Production(Derek Dillinger & Ziggy Ham)- The Production defeat 9 to 5. Derek Dillinger with the pin on Louis Lyndon.

Singles Match
Brian Carson vs Dominic Garrini- Dominic Garrini wins by submission

Singles Match
Casey Carrington vs Evan Ambrose- winner is Casey Carrington

Singles Match
Eddy Only vs TKD- Eddy Only with the victory

AIW Tag Team Titles Match
PME(Philly & Marino)(c) vs Bulking Season(Chuck Stone & Arthur McArthur)/ Bulking Season wins via DQ. PME retain the titles due DQ finish.

Tag Team Match
Original Sins(Dick Michaels & Tyler Lydol) vs Members Only(Calvin Lewis & Malcolm Cambridge)- Members only win

Singles Match
Alice Crowley vs Megan Meyers- winner Megan Meyers via roll up

Singles Match
Bobby Orlando vs Isaiah Broner- Broner with the pin-fall victory

Singles match(For Golden Boot)
The Duke vs Kaplan- Kaplan won via DQ. The Golden boot remains with The Duke

Impromptu match(main event)

Rip City Shooters(Joshua Bishop & Wes Barkley) & Kaplan vs The Duke & Bitcoin Boiz(Eric Taylor & Mikey Montgomery)- Kaplan pins The Duke for the victory

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