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By Mike Johnson on 3/23/2022 7:13 AM

AAW EPIC 2022: The 18th Anniversary Event Report

Saturday Night March 19, 2022 from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois, USA

455 fans
1.  Shane Hollister defeated Stephen Wolf with a victory roll in Hollisters first singles match in AAW in seven years (3:25)

2.  Silas Young with Val Malone defeated Conan Lycan after the PeeGe Waja Plunge.  After the match Manders attacked Silas and they had to be separated with referees and security (9:04)

3.  Sierra defeated Vert Vixen after a backpack stunner (10:37)

4.  In one of the best wrestling matches of 2022 (so far) Fred Yehi defeated Big Beef Gnarls Garvin after the koji clutch and rabbit punches.  This physical match stole the show.  (17:26)

5.  Manders defeated Mr. Ren Jones after a Hawkeye Stampede through a door.  Silas Young and Val Malone attempted to interfere - after the match Manders announced he would face Silas on April 29 at Never Say DIe in a steel cage match (11:39)

6.  In a must see match - AAW Heritage Title #1 Contendership Four Way: Myron Reed defeated Brayden Lee and Gringo Loco and Jake Something when Reed pinned Lee after Gringo hit Lee with a spinning bomb off the top rope - Reed hit a springboard 450 on Gringo and pinned Lee to become the number one contender. (14:59)

7.  AAW Tag Team Champion "Diamond Cut" Ace Perry defeated Levi Everett after three Diamond Cutters (3:42)  After the match the self proclaimed "Indianan Ironman" issued an open challenge saying if anyone beat him they would get a shot at the AAW Tag Team Championships...

8.  Russ Jones (with Chuck Smooth) defeated Ace Perry with a knee strike.  Russ Jones has earned a tag team opportunity with any partner of his choosing (1:14)

9.  "The Second City Saint" Ace Steel defeated Davey Vega (w/Mike Hartenbower) with the spinal shock (11:14)

10.  ACH & Jah-C defeated Hakim Zane & Karam after Jah-C pinned Zane after a ACH brainbuster/Jah-C superkick (14:06)

11.  AAW Heavyweight Title: Mat Fitchett retained against Schaff after Fichett got out of SCHAFF's torture rack and hit the Busaiku Knee.  SCHAFF after the match was going to hit Fitchett with the belt but he was stopped by Ace Steel and a steel chair.   Fitchett put Ace over saying Ace helped him "find himself" and direction to become the man in AAW.  He stated without Ace he wouldn't have won the JLMT last year or the AAW Champion.  Ace clapped and then attacked Fitchett with the chair.  Chuck Smooth came out and announced Ace Steel as his latest client as Steel piledrove Fitchett on a chair.  (second defense - 15:05)

AAW Returns Friday April 29th at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, IL for Never Say Die.  Announced so far:

1.  Steel Cage Match:  Silas Young vs. Manders
2.  AAW Women's Championship Match:  Skye Blue defends against Christi Jaynes
3.  AAW Heritage Championship Match:  Ace Austin defends against Myron Reed
Plus the returns of Josh Alexander, Mike Bennett and the debut of Eric Young

More To Be Announced

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