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By on 4/5/2022 7:20 AM

Capital Championship Wrestling “Glory” results from Houston, Delaware, USA ???????? on 3/26/22 now on Title Match Network:

Alyssa Marino is the play by play announcer.

The opening match is a Gauntlet Match to crown the inaugural CCW Network Champion. 

Devlyn Macabre vs. Ashley D’Amboise starts it off. D’Amboise pinned Macabre after a uranage. Edith Surreal is out next. D’Amboise pinned Surreal after a uranage. Scarlett is out as #4. D’Amboise pinned Scarlett after a uranage. Rebecca Scott is #5. Scott eliminated D’Amboise by submission. Brittany Blake is #6. Scott pinned Blake with a powerbomb. Kayla Sparks comes out at #7. Sparks pinned Scott after a neck breaker. Final entrant is Kat Spencer. Sparks pinned Spencer after a DDT to win the match and become the first CCW Network Champion. KiLynn King came out to congratulate her.

Savannah Stone beat Catalina Garcia. It ended in a confusing finish. Stone ripped off Garcia’s mask and the referee stopped the match. Stone then arrogantly walked to the back with the mask. The referee covered Garcia’s head to hide her identity and helped walk her to the back. The ring announcer did not announce an official decision but Marino on commentary said Stone won because Garcia was not able to continue after having her mask ripped off. She admitted that under normal circumstances it would have been a Disqualification by someone taking a mask.

Willow Nightingale and Edith Surreal beat Vita VonStarr and Gia Scott when Surreal submitted Scott. VonStarr and Scott argued and got into a shoving match to the back afterwards.

CCW Champion KiLynn King pinned Christina Marie after King Falls. Kayla Sparks and Kat Spencer came out to congratulate her. King cut a victory promo and put over Sparks. They posed together for a photo op. Spencer jumped Sparks from behind. King shoved Sparks away and told her to go to the back. 

NWA Worlds Women’s Champion Kamille pinned Allie Katch after the spear.

April 23 is the next show.