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By Garrett Winberry on 4/18/2022 11:52 AM

This is the card & event details for the PCW ULTRA return show on May 13th.

PCW Ultra returns for Friday the 13th:a new beginning, After a 6 month absence on 5/13/22, to the ILWU Memorial Hall in Wilmington California. Headlining the show is L.A. Park, Sinn Bodhi, & Viva Van.

The Meet n Greet is headlined by Ted DiBiase.

Match card-
Steve Madison vs NJPW’s Yuya Uemura
Jai Vidal (Ultralight Champ) vs Jack Cartwheel
Nick Wayne (new AEW signee) vs B-Boy
Danika Della Rouge (Ultrawoman Champ) vs Viva Van (SoCal woman wrestler of the Year)
Papo Esco vs Rob Shit
Toa Liona (Tully Blanchard Enterprises) vs Shane Mercer
L.A. Park “The Chairman” vs Sinn Bodhi (formerly Kizarney in WWE)
Host of the event is Gabby Loren formerly of Impact