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By Mike Johnson on 4/25/2022 6:52 AM

CCW Presents: Breakout 11


8pm Bell Time

Commentary: Dan Evans

Venue: The CCW Arena in Pompano Beach, FL


CCW Presents: Breakout 11

Chris Farrow defeats Richard King – 10:20 minutes

Rico de la Vega w/ S2S defeats Bull Anderson – 4:07 minutes

The BFD Luke Sampson w/ Lew Spectre defeats Noah King – 7:21 minutes

Anthony Catena defeats Eddie Valentine – 12:01 minutes

The Bulgarian Punisher Meto defeats Coach Jim Swanson – 8:34 minutes

CCW Cruiserweight Championship:

S2S w/ Rico de la Vega defeats Leo Ironsides – 12 minutes

Alex Chamberlain defeats Joe Garcia – 8 minutes

Mosh and Mayhem w/ Invidia defeat Steez and Qrow – 12:12 minutes

Ashley D’Amboise defeats Valentina Rossi – 13:11 minutes

6-Man Tag Match:

The Vampire Warrior Gangrel, The South American Alliance Ariel Levy and Vinicious defeat Elevated Status, ERA and Jonny Nova w/ Malek Avalon – 17:12 minutes


CCW Presents: St. Lucie Showdown II


Venue: MidFlorida Events Center

577 attendance

8pm bell time

Commentary: Blake Chadwick and Dan Evans

Ring Announcer: Mark Moses


St. Lucie Showdown II Results:

The Jersey Devil Eric Marranca defeats The Gym Teacher, Jim Swanson – 11:08 minutes 

Lakay and Meto defeat Better Together – 8:11 minutes -

Handicap Match with the Stipulation if Big English loses he cannot marry his wife.

Big English defeats Reeves Portman, Cleanser, Joe Garcia, w/ Lew Spectre – 3:45

Big English marries his wife Lina – 11:12

Trevor Read and Jackal Stevens defeats Mosh and Mayhem w/ Invidia via disqualification 13:12

CCW Women’s Championship

KiLynn King defeats Ashley D’Amboise – 13:20 minutes

Big Bad Brian Brock w/ Lew Spectre defeats The BFD Luke Sampson – 12:01 minutes

CCW Tag Team Championship:

The South American Alliance w/ Bill Alfonso defeats Rico De La Vega and Alan S2S Martinez – 13 minutes

CCW Heavyweight Championship

Cha Cha Charlie defeats Andy Brown – 17:01 minutes

No Disqualification:

The Vampire Warrior Gangrel defeats The Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu – 25:33 minutes