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By on 6/3/2022 7:37 AM

Hurricane Pro Wrestling results from Beaumont, Texas, USA at Ford Park on 5/14/22 now on airing Title Match Network:

Sammy Kiss is the play by play announcer once again.

Jared Wayne pinned El Silencio after a codebreaker followed by the Half Nelson Slam.

HPW Tag Team Champions Chris Snydel and Billy Wayne came out to the ring and made an open challenge. Ricardo Cage and Rocky Breaux came out to answer them. Cage pinned Wayne with a flip out of the corner. This was a non-title match but now they get a future title shot with this win.

Danni Bee pinned Chris Carter after a TKO.

Tama Ku pinned Jay Alexander after the spike.

HPW Cruiserweight Champion Miranda Alize pinned ASF after the cuttter and the Shining Wizard when ASF missed a frog splash.

Stevie Hendrix pinned Tommy Bolton after a springboard cutter.

HPW Heavyweight Champion Edge Stone won a 3-Way Match over Chandler Hopkins and Ryan Davidson by pinning Hopkins as Hopkins was trying to pin Davidson after the shooting star press. Tama Ku came out to confront Stone when it was over.

The next show is on June 4 with Stone defending against Hopkins. Also announced is a #1 con. 3-Way Match for the Women's Title with Alize vs. Vipress vs. Danni Bee. Ryan Davidson will face Tama Ku.