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By on 6/23/2022 7:34 AM

SHINE 73 results from Clearwater, Florida, USA at the OCC Road House on 6/19/22 live on Club WWN:

Trevin Adams, Ron Niemi, and Ayla Fox opened the show in the ring.

Allie Recks pinned Labrava after a spear.

Rocky Radley pinned Tiffany Nieves after a big time spinning neck breaker. Nieves had a leg on the ropes but the referee didn't see it and called for the bell.

Katalina Perez pinned Jessie Belle (Smothers) with an inside cradle and holding the tights after Belle tried to use a wooden log she brought in the ring as weapon but missed with a wild swing.

Amber Nova pinned Chelsea Durden (SHINE Tag Team Champion) with an O'Connor Roll after Durden accidentally collided into her tag team champion partner Kelsey Raegan interfering on the ring. The heels attacked Nova after the match but Ashley D’Amboise made the save to set up the next match.

Ashley D’Amboise pinned Kelsey Raegan (SHINE Tag Team Champion) with a running rolling neck breaker. Chelsea Durden tried to slide one of the SHINE Tag Team Title belts in the ring to Raegan to use as a weapon but Amber Nova stopped her. After the match, D'Amboise and Nova taunted The Coven members over their back to back singles losses and they want a SHINE Tag Team Titles shot against them.


Labrava was showing backstage  complaining about her loss. Ivelisse walked up to her and confidently smiled at her.

Jessie Belle was shown complaining about her loss.

Tiffany Nieves was also shown complaining. Ivelisse walked up to her too.

Amber Nova and Ashley D’Amboise thanked each other for stopping The Coven and officially formed a tag team.

The Coven said they are still tag  team champions and they dared Nova and D’Amboise to take the belts from them.

Tracy Nyxx defeated Devlyn Macabre by referee stoppage with a grounded octopus submission hold.

Santana Garrett pinned Lexi Gomez after a reverse DDT. The always underrated Garrett has been working heel in SHINE for the past couple of shows. She's now doing a sexy gimmick here instead of the superhero jock gimmick. She was wearing very tight trunks and strutting around the ring to show it off. After the match was over, she did an arrogant heel interview with Ayla Fox but still shook hands with fans on the way back to the locker room.

Renee Michelle won the SHINE Nova Title from The WOAD by Disqualification in a match where the Disqualification Rule could switch the title. The referee was accidentally bumped by a kick from Michelle. The WOAD brought in a chair while the referee was down. Michelle ended up hitting The WOAD with the chair but it had no effect. She then tossed it to The WOAD and acted like The WOAD hit her with it instead. The referee woke up and believed Michelle and called for the bell. The WOAD tried to protest but Michelle laid her out with a kick.

When we reported on the Nova Title change after it happened the other night we mistakenly listed it as a No Disqualification Match. The rule was the title could change hands by Disqualification and that's exactly what happened.

SHINE Champion Ivelisse defeated ACW Women's Champion Myka Madrid by submission with a trapped head and arms hold. Ivelisse refused to shake hands after. Only the SHINE Title was on the line.

We finally resolved our Club WWN technical issues to access SHINE again and it happened at the perfect time. There are a few plagiarist pro wrestling websites out there with results of this show that are either not complete or not fully correct.

Since we are back with Club WWN, here are results of SHINE 72 which took place on April 17, 2022 from Clearwater, Florida, USA at the OCC Road House:

Trevin Adams opens the show in the ring with Alyssa Marino and Ayla Fox.

Kaci Lennox pinned Vanity with an inside cradle after countering a suplex attempt.

Ashley D’Amboise pinned Tiffany Nieves after a Uranage.

Leila Grey pinned Amber Nova by illegally holding the ropes when Nova tried to give her a sunset flip.

Lindsay Snow defeated Erica Torres by submission with a heel hook.

Renee Michelle defeated SHINE Nova Champion The WOAD by Disqualification after The WOAD shoved the referee. Michelle kicked The WOAD down after then choke her with a red whip.


Vanity said she will prove herself if SHINE brings her back.

Amber Nova said she thought she and Grey were cool but Grey resorted to holding the ropes because it's all business.

The Coven was shown doing a ritual.

ACW Women's Champion Myka Madrid defeated Katalina Perez by submission with a rocking horse. After the match, Lexi Gomez came out to confront Madrid then Santana Garrett came out to confront Gomez.

Marino got in the ring to interview Garrett. Garrett said she wants to be triple crown champion and it will be her time to shine.

SHINE Champion Ivelisse pinned Shazza McKenzie with a Code Red. Ivelisse said she will face anybody from around the world because nobody will take the title from her.

The Coven (Vipress, Chelsea Durden, and Kelsey Reagan) defeated SHINE Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay and Marti Belle in a 3 on 1 OCC Street Fight to win the titles. Durden pinned Belle after Erica Torres got involved and sprayed mist in Belle's face then Vipress immediately threw a chair at Belle to get Durden the cover. Kay was tied to a turnbuckle by Vipress a couple minutes earlier and could not make the save. Reagan was taken out of the match early on after she went flying through the ropes and dangerously landed face first on the edge of the ring. One side of her face was all bloody and she was helped to the back.