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By Kendall Jenkins on 8/12/2022 10:42 AM

The wrestling industry in its years of existence has seen so many exciting, skillful, and technical wrestlers who have captured the hearts of loyal fans who have supported them throughout their careers and are still supporting them as they try to entertain the fans with their various techniques.

Wrestling has amassed countless fans from all over the world over the years, with fans who follow the sport and bet using bonuses at to make money off their favorite wrestlers just one section of the many enthusiastic following. So far, the world of wrestling has seen so many moves and techniques from the best wrestlers ever, with some of those moves being incorporated into the fighting styles of those wrestlers. Here are some of the best finishing moves in wrestling history. 

Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin

Steve Austin, who is one of the all time greats in wrestling; known mostly for chugging a lot of beers in the ring, and he cannot be left out when talking about the best finishing moves. His signature move; the stone cold stunner, has been known to always finish the job and get him his wins. He introduced the move when he faced Jake the Snake Roberts in a promotional match, and it now goes down as one of the best wrestling moves in history. 

Hulk Hogan's Big Boot and Leg Drop

Known as one of the wrestlers with the greatest careers in pro wrestling, Hulk Hogan dominated the scene for years, amassing countless fans with his charisma and technique. The big boot and leg drop have seen Hulk Hogan defeat so many great wrestlers like Andre the Giant, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and others. Hulk Hogan's mark on the wrestling industry stretches over the last four decades, which has seen many wins occur through the big boot and leg drop move. 

Spear and Jackhammer by Goldberg

One of the most physical wrestlers in Goldberg cannot be excluded from this list as he has made his mark with his finishing move; the spear and jackhammer. The move has seen him put down really strong and massive wrestlers like Big Show, who is over 7 feet tall. Goldberg was on another level, using his technique to win matches, which saw him have a massive winning streak. 

DDT by Jake the Snake Roberts

The DDT was one of the most vicious moves in wrestling history. It was owned by Jake the Snake Roberts. He carried out the move by snapping his opponent's head straight into the mat. What made the move threatening was what he did to his opponents after he had slammed them; he would drop his pet Python, "Damien," into their laps. Now, the move has been incorporated into almost all the wrestlers' techniques. 

F5 by Brock Lesnar

Now a popular and well established wrestler, Brock Lesnar took the ring by storm with his immense power, tenacity, and technique. Among his vicious techniques is the F5, which he uses to toss his opponents like luggage. The move absolutely describes his character, making him one of the most dangerous wrestlers, and he is nicknamed "The Beast". 


There have been many moves that have been introduced and are widely used in the wrestling industry today. The list is not exhaustive and can be further researched.