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By Kendall Jenkins on 12/12/2022 7:39 AM

Many outstanding female wrestlers have left their impact on the WWE over the history of the franchise. The ability and talent that they have shown over the years have grown significantly throughout time, which is currently at its peak. Given that most of the greatest female wrestlers in history are still competing today, this is to be expected.

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A major part of women's wrestling has significantly improved during the last few years, and the WWE has been home to many brilliant ladies who have honed their trade. Here are some of the best WWE female wrestlers ever, in honor of the pioneers and the present Superstars.


Being a one-of-a-kind wrestler, Asuka broke into the WWE and has impressed ever since. With nearly two decades of ring time under her belt, this Japanese superstar has produced innumerable thrilling matches. Asuka has previously demonstrated in her outstanding battles against elite WWE opponents that she can collaborate with anyone, and she constantly performs. Despite being at the pinnacle of her career, Asuka has created an unrivaled history and is deserving of her position at the top.


Lita began her career as a manager in the WWE before becoming one of the greatest female wrestlers. Lita was an essential member of the team that the Hardy brothers made up of Team Xtreme. Given her distinctive attire, Lita was easily recognized. She participated in matches frequently and was known to constantly engage in physical contact with male wrestlers. As women's wrestling developed, the division was defined by her dominance with Trish Stratus after she eventually made her way into the women's division.

Charlotte Flair

Possibly the best female wrestler ever seen, Charlotte Flair has worked extremely hard to establish a name for herself in the franchise. In the history of the sport, the female wrestler is among an elite group that have the most titles. Including the 2020 Royal Rumble battle, she has won multiple important fights in the WWE. Charlotte Flair has carved up a name for herself in the WWE's female division, following in the footsteps of her legendary father, Ric Flair.

Trish Stratus

Numerous female wrestlers who have been seen in the WWE have cited Trish Stratus as an influence. Her initial employment as a manager for two wrestlers was based on her beauty and appearance. However, she broke into the ring, dominated and ended up being one of the best there ever was. In her time, she won 7 world titles, and held the record still it was smashed by Charlotte Flair. Stephanie McMahon honored Trish in 2013 by inducting her into the WWE Hall of Fame. At the SummerSlam of 2019, she most recently faced Charlotte Flair.


Over the years, there have been lots of exciting and talented female wrestlers that have graced the ring. However only a few of these wrestlers have been the best, and this article only highlights some of them.