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By Mike Johnson on 2/21/2023 7:45 AM

AMERICAN X WRESTLING “American Dreams” results - February 18, 2023

From the Historic Hamburg Field House, Hamburg, PA

  1. “The Dragon” Erron Wade defeated “Superior” Tony Evans to kick off the show. Wade’s martial arts background outsmarted the brash Evans, finishing him off with a unique kick to pick up the win.

  1. “Hybrid” Sean Carr upended Cabana Man Dan. The fiery Philippines native pulled out his sandal at one point and delivered the dreaded Flip Flop Chop twice. As he went for a third, “Hybrid” pulled the referee in front, thwarting the attack. Carr took full advantage of the distraction, grabbing the Cabana Man and delivering the Sky High powerbomb for a three-count and jeers from the Hamburg faithful.

  1. In six-man tag team action, the Golden Era of Goldy, Wet Brett Waters, and Brian Morris defeated “Serious Business” Andy Header and the AXW Badstreet Tag Team champions Ed House and Laszlo Arpad. As the referee was distracted by House and Laszlo on the arena floor, double teaming Waters and Morris, Goldy, for the second straight month, leveled Header with a “Golden Touch”, punching him in the face with brass knuckles and pinning him for three.

  1. Izzy McCoy defeated the Notorious Mimi in Women’s division action. Prior to the match, Dr. Carl Martin entered the ring and announced that he had taken up Kory Cross’s contract for an open challenge against McCoy. With that in stone, the Doctor signed one of his clients, Mimi, the former Sloane Jacobs in NXT, to this challenge. After McCoy caught her for a three count, Dr. Martin started to ream out Mimi in the middle of the ring. One back-kick to the dome later, Mimi got her receipt and showed respect to the winner via a handshake.

  1. “Mr. Hangtime” Jay Flyier defeated the debuting Jafar in a solid back-and-forth contest.

  1. “The Son of the Sun” Leo Sparrow and TJ Boss defeated Tommy Vecs and the AXW champion “the Heart of AXW” EN Bush. Bush, Vecs, and Mary Elizabeth did their best to keep Sparrow in the ring as long as possible, but the monster Boss mowed down the vile duo, pinning Vecs to pick up the victory.

  1. Matt Quay and Derek Neal went to a no-contest in the main event of the evening. Both men went back and forth at one another in a hard-hitting affair. At one point, EN Bush, Tommy Vecs, and Mary Elizabeth came down to ringside to cause mayhem, but Special Enforcer EARL HEBNER immediately ejected them from the ringside area. 

However, both men spilled outside to the floor and took their fight into the crowd. Not even Mr. Hebner could get them back into the ring! After the match was stopped by AXW management, both Quay and Neal continued their brawl inside the ring. AXW representative Kevin Kelly cleared the locker rooms to break up the brawl.

Quay took the microphone from ring announcer David Adams and stated that he wanted one more match with “the King Road Slayer” for April 29 in the Historic Hamburg Field House. And if “the American Hammer” could not defeat Neal, he would LEAVE AXW!

American X Wrestling returns to the Historic Hamburg Field House on Saturday, April 29, 2023 with HONOR: Autism Acceptance! Tickets are on sale now at!