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By George Hermoza on 2/21/2023 7:56 AM

On a recent episode on The Wrestling Chatter YouTube channel, host Jack Farmer sat down with WWE legend and fresh off his Impact Wrestling debut, Barry Horowitz talks about his career, training with the Malenko family, his match with Chris Candido,  and what he’s been up to including his recent stint against Joey Janela and making an IMPACT in the near future.

On training with the Malenko Family:

"Well, yeah, just there, both of them. I mean, all three of.them.  They’re strive for greatness, their perfection, uh, dotting every i, crossing every t, keeping all the ducks in a row, uh, tell a great story, basically they're the perfect wrestler. And I strive myself to be that way also. I mean, Dean Malenko is probably the best technical wrestler in the world. I'm not gonna say I'm number two, but I'm at least in top ten…...They're perfectionists. Their moves, their holds, their submissions, everything you could think of, to doing a professional. They check every box. Make a long story short.  And that's what I think I do too. I strive for it."

The best commentating team in pro wrestling:

"I gotta say hands down, that tandem of Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, and Excalibur, thank you.  Let me tell you something. It's perfect. It's perfect because each one has their own little thing. But what I like is, especially Excalibur, actually all three of 'em do it, but Excalibur does. I mean, he's naming holds I don't think I know the name.  And he doesn't miss a beat. And either does Jim Ross either Tony Schiavone.