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By Jasper Niles on 4/24/2023 7:40 AM

Mayhem on Mills: Year 5: A New Wave results

Mayhem on Mills held their Fifth Anniversary Show in Sanford, FL at Tuffy’s Bottle Shoppe away from their traditional location on Mills Avenue in Orlando.

Match 1) Eli Knight defeated Troy Hollywood via referee stoppage when both were down and Troy could not make it to his feet before the 10 count. Eli Knight was declared winner. Troy seemed to have possibly injured his shoulder.

Match 2) Drennan defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Leeroy Shogun, and Parrow in a four way scramble where Parrow had Leeroy pinned following an Owen Driver but Drennan hit Parrow with a chair and stole the pin.

Match 3) Su Yung defeated Devlyn Macabre Match

4) Effy defeated Randy Wentworth. Wentworth is the Verified Champion for RPW (Real Pro Wrestling) and Effy at first thought he won the title but Randy told Effy that you have to be verified to be the champion.

Match 5) OAO (Hunter Law & Snoop Strikes) retained the FIP tag team championship over The Gifted (Logan Cruz & Wheezy T.) Logan Cruz may have gotten hurt during the match.

Match 6) Sawyer Wreck retained the Mayhem on Mills Championship over Serpentico. A violent match that saw chairs, a staple gun, and a door used as well as Serpentico’s mask ripped. Mayhem on Mills should have their next show sometime in June but no exact date was given