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By Mike Johnson on 5/3/2023 7:04 AM

American X Wrestling “HONOR: Autism Acceptance” results 4/29/23

American X Wrestling, once again, delivered an impactful event this past Saturday night at the Historic Hamburg Field House in beautiful Hamburg, PA. The fans came out in droves to support our true heroes -  those who survive and thrive with autism.

  1. In six-man tag team action, the trio of Cabana Man Dan, Reggie Collins, and Victor Andrews defeated the King’s Gate of Mason Myles, Patrick Scott, and Chance Rizer after a combination of a Flip Flop Chop by CMD and a BEAUTIFUL flying cross body block by Collins for the three count.

  2. “The Big Man on Campus” TJ Boss defeated Tommy Vecs. Throughout the battle, Boss was practically triple teamed by Vecs, Mary Elizabeth, and the AXW Heavyweight champion EN Bush, including an onslaught to his left knee. However, Boss persevered and fought through the pain, crushing Vecs with a vicious spinebuster for a three count.

  3. In the Robbie Rumble, a match organized by the son of “Brutal” Bob Evans, Robbie Evans, O’Shea Edwards outlasted 23 other competitors, including eliminating “Hybrid” Sean Carr and the Zuka King at the same time to win. After the match, “the Big Bad Kaiju” was handed the World Autism Championship by the family of inaugural champion Malachi and celebrated in jubilation with Robbie.

  4. In a “Chicken Suit Challenge”, Tough Guy Inc of “Brutal” Bob Evans and “Tough” Tim Hughes, accompanied by “Serious Business” Andy Header, defeated the Golden Era of “Wet” Brett Waters and Brian Morris, seconded by Goldy. At one point, the battlebroke down into an actual chicken fight! Evans ultimately delivered an electric chair drop to Morris, while Hughes Victory Rolled Waters for a three count! 

As per the stipulation, the Golden Era had to put on chicken suits to the laughter and jeering of the crowd. Morris and Waters tried to get out of it, but Tough Guy Inc put the duo to sleep with sleeper holds. Just as Goldy entered the ring to stop the shenanigans, Header got a receipt on the leader of the Golden Era, knocking Goldy into next week with brass knuckles! Evans and Hughes dressed up the sleepy Morris and Waters in chicken suits, while Header surprised the AXW Nation with a turkey costume for Goldy!

  1. The AXW Badstreet Tag Team champions Laszlo Arpad and Ed House went to a double countout with Pain and Agony - the Beastmasters. Both teams beat and pounded on another after the bell, causing referees and security to separate them at ringside. This war is FAR from over.

Before the next match, AXW representative Kevin Kelly came out to the ring and announced that for the Legends of Hamburg convention on September 16, 2023 at the Historic Hamburg Field House, the first Legend announced would be 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and twelve time World champion KURT ANGLE!

  1. AXW Heavyweight champion EN Bush defeated NXT alumni Martin Stone in a fantastic encounter. 

Prior to the introductions, Mr. Kelly, who remained at ringside, presented the referee with the beautiful brand new AXW Heavyweight championship and told him to award this to the winner. 

Stone gave it his all against the champion, but the interference from Tommy Vecs and Mary Elizabeth was just too much. After the match, Vecs and Bush continued the assault, until TJ Boss limped and gritted his way down to the squared circle to make the save.

The match between Matt Quay and Derek Neal never had a chance to take place. As Quay waited for his opponent, Vecs, Mary Elizabeth, Bush, and SEAN CARR entered the ring and jumped him. After laying him out, the 19 year veteran Neal walked out to the arena, preparing to be the vulture to pick the bones of the prone “American Hammer”. Instead, the foursome attacked NEAL as well, clipping his knee and causing an instant serious issue for “the King’s Road Slayer”. As the AXW locker room came out to bring the injured Neal to the back, TJ Boss and Martin Stone ran back out to make the save.

Kevin Kelly resurfaced, announcing that he would be announcing an impromptu six-man tag between Quay, Boss, and Stone and Bush, Vecs, and Carr. However, the AXW Heavyweight champion REFUSED, unless Quay put up his AXW career on the line, which was the stipulation Quay and Neal were going to fight over initially. Quay accepted.

In a total sprint, Quay pinned Vecs to not only win the match, but to save his career in American X Wrestling!

AXW returns on June 24, 2023 with “SUMMER VACATION” at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA. Tickets are on sale at