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By Mike Johnson on 6/6/2023 7:17 AM

Tri-State Wrestling presents ANTE UP

June 3, 2023

Lawrenceburg Event Center

Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Attendance: 500

Match 1: “Pac Man” Justin Xavier defeated “The Golden State God” Carson Drake via pinfall

Drake antagonized the crowd early on but was able to back up his talk for a while by taking the advantage. With the fans on his side, Xavier’s high-flying moves and athleticism were able to overcome and earn him the victory.

Match 2: Kaia McKenna defeated Kayla Kassidy via pinfall

Both ladies were making their TSW debuts, looking to make an impact early on. The contest was pretty even throughout, with neither competitor able to get a real advantage. McKenna finally took charge to pick up a win.

Match 3: Tre’ Lamar won the “Stack the Deck” Match to earn a Tri-State Wrestling Heavyweight Title shot at a time of his choosing over the next year.

This special gauntlet-style match consisted of five competitors randomly drawing cards to determine the order of entry. Sam Beale and Brayden Lee started things off, with Beale picking up the first victory. Next in was GPA, and Beale looked ready to take a second win in a row. However, “The Academic Standard” was able to use every trick up his sleeve to take out “The Perminator.” Tre’ Lamar was the fourth entrant and managed to fight off the veteran GPA to advance. The final entry as the “Joker” was “The Wolf of Wrestling” Stephen Wolf. He and Lamar went back and forth, with both men having an opportunity to win. Ultimately, Lamar was able to slide out of a suplex attempt and roll up Wolf to narrowly pick up the three count and the victory.

Match 4: Bobby Fish defeated Matt Cross via pinfall

These two veteran competitors had one of the hardest-hitting matches of the night. Fish used his technical and striking expertise to keep on the offensive, but Cross managed to get things going with some of his athletic moves. After a series of close calls for both men, Fish was able to steal a win using a handful of tights.

Match 5: “The Indy God” Matt Cardona defeated “The Firestarter” Jake Crist via DQ to retain the Squared Circle Expo Championship

Another matchup of two experienced stars, with the rejuvenated Crist going for Cardona’s gold. Crist started off strong before Cardona took control with some questionable tactics. The crowd got behind Jake to help drive his comeback, but Cardona kept finding ways to maintain the advantage. Late in the match, the referee took the brunt of one of Jake’s moves off the top rope when Cardona pulled the official in front of him. With the referee down, Cardona went for a chair under the ring but Crist’s manager Bobby Olsen intervened before being taken out by Cardona. Then, to everyone’s surprise Justin Xavier hit the ring to try and keep Cardona from using the weapon but he ended up eating the chair to the face as well. However, when Cardona finally went to use the chair on Crist, the veteran moved out of the way causing Cardona to hit the ropes with the chair, which ricocheted back into his face. With the champion dazed, Crist hit a back spin kick and went for the pin. A second referee hit the ring to count three, seemingly giving Crist the title. Unfortunately, a few moments later, the original official informed the ring announcer that Jake had been disqualified for the kick that put him down, keeping the title with Cardona.

 Match 6: “The Young GOAT” Myron Reed defeated Dirty Dango via pinfall

This matchup of one of TSW’s top stars and the veteran Dango was a battle of styles, with Dango doing his best to keep Reed grounded during the match. After Dango had maintained control much of the way, Reed was able to put his talents on display and pick up his biggest win in TSW so far with his signature Flame On cutter.

Match 7: VsK defeated Carlito via pinfall to retain the Tri-State Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

The reigning champion VsK faced his stiffest test yet in the former WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito and found a way to claim an allergy to apples. The member of the famous Colon family took the early advantage before VsK was able to work in some of his underhanded tactics to get some momentum. But nothing was able to get the job done, with Carlito coming back time and again. A frustrated VsK finally grabbed one of Carlito’s apples – revealing his “allergy” was a ruse – and spit the apple but instead of going in Carlito’s face, it went into the referee’s. With the official down, Carlito rolled up VsK for what should have been a three count. Then, when Carlito went to check on the official, VsK hit a blatant low blow from behind, which led to his victory. After the match, Carlito did get a measure of revenge by spitting an apple into the champion’s face to send the crowd home happy.