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By Gery Roif on 6/13/2023 2:40 PM

It’s no secret that realism works best in Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment, especially these days. That’s exactly why WWE has a tremendous opportunity to turn an interesting situation into a major Box Office attraction. I’m obviously referring to Buddy Mathews (formerly Murphy), who’s WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley’s real life partner.

I am a big believer in Buddy since his NXT days as Blake & Murphy managed by Alexa Bliss. This guy has a great marketable look as well as the perfect physique, he can talk and he’s absolutely tremendous inside the squared circle. The only thing he’s missing is the perfect timing and somebody to believe in him.

I think NOW is the perfect timing and I’m convinced he can draw huge money in the WWE. 

During Wrestlemania media junket in April, I asked Rhea about the possibility of Buddy, her significant other, joining the WWE. She replied that “she could be very convincing”, meaning that she would like her guy to make a comeback to the WWE.

If you ask my honest opinion - I think Rhea is already on the same level with Roman Reigns and with a little more time I believe she could be the $1 draw and headliner in WWE. Rhea simply has a bigger than life character, delivery and the ability to connect with the fans like nobody else in the company. In the long lasting search for another Hogan, Austin and the Rock - she might just be the answer to WWE’s prayers.

That’s exactly why WWE Management should start thinking about the future. Obviously her storyline with Dominic is great and has helped him tremendously in developing his heel character. But I believe he’s already established enough in order to allow Rhea to reach for the next level.

WWE fans follow their superstars on social media and know very well that both Rhea and Dominic have other partners. Infact, Dominic just proposed to his girlfriend several months ago and he’s soon to be married. WWE creative have got to seize the moment and start creating a new direction for both.

Even if WWE have to buy out Buddy’s contract from AEW - I believe they should do so immediately. I also believe that Tony Kahn should let Buddy go in the interest of elevating not only the WWE, but the entire Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment business.

I strongly believe that incorporating Buddy into the storyline between Rhea and Dominic, as well as creating a realistic angle that will have fans glued to the screens, will make Buddy an immediate Main Event level superstar. A year long storyline between Buddy, Rhea and Dominic that will accumulate in a big match at Wrestlemania, will establish Buddy as one of the newest Main Eventers in WWE and will allow him to go into battle with the likes of Roman Reigns with Rhea involved in the same storyline and create the biggest business revenues that WWE have had in years.

There are endless scenarios to make this a success and I don’t worry about the creative direction as I’m positive WWE have the right people in creative, including Rhea’s own input, to make sure it’s done in the best positive way.

I had the honor of interviewing Buddy during WrestleMania 35 in NY when he was Cruiserweight champion and I truly hope he will be able to return to WWE and make this happen. I believe that he can do it, just like I told him when we met.


Writer Gery Roif is a Wrestling Journalist from Israel with over 25 years of experience, as well as Israeli Pro Wrestling Association (IPWA) promoter and wrestler since 2001.