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By Josh Knowles on 7/15/2023 1:00 PM

CCW Conquer Kissimmee 13 Results 7/14/2023

Coastal Championship Wrestling presented Conquer Kissimmee 13 on 7/14/2023 from Sun on the Beach in Kissimmee, Florida. The show was also a celebration of one year of shows in Kissimmee from CCW.


Trevin Adams and Bill Alfonso were on commentary for the show.



Match 1) Rich Wise defeated El Dios (aka El Dios Guerrero.)


Match 2) Jonny Nova defeated Drake Zavior


Main Show

Match 1) Cameron Stewart with Mila Moore and Rich Wise defeated Reeves Portman with a roll up with the tights.


Reeves beat up Cameron and Rich after the match.


Match 2) Jake St Patrick defeated Jadon Jett to retain the CCW Cruiserweight Championship after a kick to the face in around 12 minutes


Match 3) Blake Troop with Lew Spectre defeated “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe via armbar submission.


Match 4) JJ Barron defeated Ozzy Kilmeister with Invidia. Elliot Qrow came out and distracted Ozzy by attacking Invidia. JJ took advantage of the distraction and pinned Ozzy.


Match 5) Hector Perfecto defeated Alan “S2S” Martinez. Hector went to use his hand mirror that he uses to look at himself as a weapon and the referee stopped him. While the referee was distracted, Hector kicked Alan below the belt which got him the win.


Match 6) The Qrown (Leonis Khan and Maximus Khan) defeated Daisy Kill and Jack Talos with Dr. Eric Christopher to retain the CCW Tag Team Championship.


Match 7) Kerry Morton defeated Deno Babic to retain the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship via small package. Deno cut a promo before the match running down the crowd and discussing this being his debut match in the United States


Match 8) Cha Cha Charlie and his surprise tag team partner of Jackal (aka Jackal Steven’s) defeated Brian Brock and Beastman with Lew Spectre when Jackal pinned Brock. Beastman and Brian Brock brawled for a little bit after the match.


Match 9) Martin Stone defeated Eddie Taurus with Dr. Eric Christopher via disqualification when Eddie kicked Martin below the belt in front of the referee.


Match 10) Ariel Levy defeated Ariel Dominguez in a Ladder Match to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship. Ariel Dominguez nearly had the match won until Hector Perfecto came down and smashed his mirror over Dominguez’s head incapacitating him enough for Ariel Levy to climb the ladder and retain the championship.