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By Mike Johnson on 1/16/2024 6:23 AM

1CW Pro Wrestling results 1/13/24 Houston DE

1- Easy E & Dad Bod defeated the Cartel

2- DK Vandu defeated Christopher Andino

3- Brittany Blake defeated Gabby Ortiz to become #1 Contender to 1CW Professional Wrestling Women's Championship

4- Chris Wylde defeated Marvelous

5- Tony Leyanda defeated Tim Tabor to retain Workhorse Championship

6-Ty Awesome & Brian Morris went to NO Contest. When Chris Wylde and Dustin attacked both men, then former Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Velazquez returned to make the save

7- Ranchhand Carlson defeated Evil Kip, Dustin Tarr & Myles Millenium in a Fatal 4 way to become 2x DSN Network Champion

8- Adrianna defeated Tatiana in a Street Fight to become 2x Women's Champion

9- Mike Zee defeated Trucker Josh to retain Bulletproof Championship

10- The Harrobles defeated Reality Era in a Last Team Standing match when the Donkey once again cost the Reality Era, then the Donkey revealed as .... Hobo Harry ???