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By Mike Johnson on 1/19/2024 7:06 AM

Amanda Serrano

On what to expect from Nina Meinke in the ring

"I'm expecting what every female fighter comes to do. That's to fight. [Nina] has an opportunity to win all my belts, to show the world that she's capable of beating Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano. I know she's a tough, durable fighter and a very talented and skilled fighter, but I believe it's going to be a great fight between both of us. Both of us really want this and we're gonna prove to the world that there's no backing down."

On fighting at home in Puerto Rico

"Pinch me. It's so surreal looking around and to be back at home as the Main Event. I am super honored. Thank you so much to MVP for putting on an amazing show and for putting me as the main event with Jake Paul as co-main event. He's such a gentleman that he said, "this is your Island," so he's given me the opportunity and I'm super excited to be here, to have an amazing opponent, to come out and showcase women's boxing once again. I can't wait for Saturday, March 2nd. It's going to be a beautiful night here in Puerto Rico."

On giving up the WBC featherweight belt

"That definitely wasn't a very easy decision for me. You know I worked so hard for all these belts, all these titles. And so to give up something that you really love and work hard for... It hurts. But if you believe in something you have to take a stand. I believe that women need equality. The first step was performing and succeeding and doing the 12-three minute rounds. And I think I just needed to do what I had to do. All these other organizations are supporting me 100%. So I believe in it and I took the stand and hopefully the WBC will come around one day."

On Jake insisting Amanda be Main Event

"I'm used to performing, going out and sitting and watching Jake perform. Now it's the opposite... I don't mind being co-main event, and he said there's no way in the world that he was going to be the main event. This is my Island. So I'm truly thankful for this opportunity. But it's going to be kind of weird because it's not only Jake that's fighting, I have Krystal, Bomba, and Wanna and I have to watch all those fights before my fight. So, I'm gonna be a nervous wreck in the locker room, but I'm gonna be ready to go out there and perform.'

Jake Paul

On fighting in Puerto Rico

"It’s surreal. All the people here are so nice, and lovely. Meeting Amanda Serrano changed my life, and it’s an honor to support her in this big moment in front of her hometown, her home crowd. And it’s just an honor to be part of this amazing event – which, hopefully, should be the biggest event in Puerto Rican boxing history. It’s going to be a night to remember. I’m super happy, and grateful, even for all the people who came out here today, and showing support."

On being co-main to Amanda’s main event

"She’s the queen of the island, and I’m just the supporting character on March 2nd. This is her night to create history and put on a show, and I’m just happy to be along for the ride. I think most people are going to be rooting for Amanda Serrano, so she’s the main event, and I’m happy to support and be a part of that. That’s what I wanted, and to just take a backseat."

On his Saturday, March 2 opponent

"He didn’t want to come today, because he said he just wanted to train – which I respect. He didn’t want to fly all the way here, he’s focused in the gym. But, he’s a professional boxer with an even better record than Andre August, and there will be an announcement coming soon. It’s another step up in competition, he’s won regional titles, etc. It’s another step up in competition and continuing to challenge myself on March 2nd."

On Neeraj Goyat

"Neeraj has made some noise. His callout video got 25M views. He’s India’s biggest and best boxer. So, it is interesting to me. It could be fun to go over to India, and knock him out in his home country. Maybe one day, but we’ll see."

On his work with Boxing Bullies & donating his entire fight purse to Boxing Bullies

"Boxing helped save my life and put it on a good track and give me confidence. And I feel the need to share that with as many kids as possible. Because I believe if it helped me, it could help anyone out there. So that’s why I started Boxing Bullies, to grow the sport within the youth and get as many boxing gloves into as many kids hands as possible, and, to renovate gyms. We’ve renovated a gym in La Perla here, a gym in Dorado, and the mission keeps on getting bigger. We’re going to continue to renovate more gyms – I’m actually going to be donating my entire fight purse to Boxing Bullies, to renovate more gyms in Puerto Rico."

"It’s the least I can do. Boxing Bullies has helped so many people already, and I want to continue the mission. One of the gyms is going to be an Amanda Serrano gym. So, I’m pretty excited about that and just continuing to grow the mission."

Nakisa Bidarian

On arranging the Saturday, March 2 Serrano vs. Meinke fight in PR

"When we started working with Amanda a little over two years ago, it’s interesting that her first co-main event with us was her going to Jake’s hometown in Cleveland. He debuted in Cleveland against Tyrone Woodley, and Amanda Serrano was the co-main. So we talked to Amanda about giving her the proper homecoming that she deserves, given she is one of the greatest boxers of all time. It was always about coming to the Coliseo the right way, and giving her the platform to show the world how this island supports its biggest stars – male or female."

On Jake's opponent for Saturday, March 2

"We plan to announce on January 30. As you can imagine, matching Jake Paul is not an easy task. Because, never in the history of boxing has someone’s career in such an early stage been scrutinized in the way his has. In his 9th fight, he fought a gentleman who was 10-1. A 10-1 boxer. Oscar de la Hoya, who is one of the greatest boxers in history, who had many amazing moments in boxing – in his 10th fight, he fought a guy who was 10-4-3.  The legend of Puerto Rico, Tito, Felix Trinidad, in his 10th fight, fought someone that was 10-4. They are unbelievable champions, and I think Jake aspires to be the same. But given the amount of attention that his fights get globally, we have to continuously find the right opponents that put him in a position that other fighters haven’t been through in this stage of his career."

On Jake Paul donating his entire fight purse to Boxing Bullies

"He’s donating his entire purse to renovate gyms in Puerto Rico. A lot of people do a lot of good things, but this young man turned 27 yesterday, he was filming with Amanda all day long, and he said to me last night, ‘I want to donate my entire purse and do more for the youth on this island to experience boxing the right way.’ So, thank you, Jake."

On Jake Paul's fight schedule in 2024

"Our current plans are for him to fight in March. If he’s victorious, the plan is for him to fight in June or July again."

Nina Meinke

On getting the opportunity to fight Amanda Serrano

"It was great, it was absolutely amazing. As soon as we got the information that we're going to fight Amanda Serrano, I was right back in the gym preparing for it. It's great to be here." 

On fighting before an Amanda-supporting crowd

"This is boxing, and it's all about the atmosphere, and it motivates me a lot, so I can't wait for a full Coliseo, which I think is going to be sold out. I'm really looking forward to it."

On the atmosphere in Puerto Rico

"I have to say, I've noticed it already: everyone is super friendly, and seriously this is what we need in boxing. It's the support you get, even though we're opponents. They just appreciate us as boxers, so I'm really happy."

On fighting 12x3 and how she's training for it.

"Well first of all, much respect for Amanda that she started all the equality in boxing. This is what we need. It's not just talk -- it's doing it. I'm very proud to be part of it now, and for me it was no question not to do it. It doesn't really change a lot for me, because I train with men anyway and we train three-minute rounds. The training is obviously more intense now, but still, I'm used to three-minute rounds. Like I said, I'm really proud to be part of this movement for women's boxing."

On how she can beat Amanda Serrano

"Well of course [Amanda is] a very strong boxer and I really respect her. But I'm also a very skilled fighter. I had a long amateur career and fought over 70 fights, so I'm also an experienced boxer. This is going to be a great fight. We will show the world that women's boxing is very good and strong."

Giving a gift to Amanda

"I'm so happy to be here. Thanks to MVP and my promoter and my team. We've got a little present for Amanda, which I'd like to give to her. [Shows gift] This is the Berlin Bear. It's a symbol of our city, and I'd like to give it to you."

Bomba Gonzalez

On fighting at home and on the Serrano vs. Meinke Card

First think, thank God. I'm happy to be on this big card on March 2. It's a big opportunity to do my third defense in Puerto Rico. It's been 7 years, and I have not fought in Puerto Rico. What's bigger than the Choliseo? Over 19,000 people. I'm happy. I'm going to be ready.

On his upcoming fight vs. Rene Santiago on Saturday, March 2

Rene Santiago is a good boxer. I know he's coming ready. This is his first chance and opportunity. I'm waiting for the best from Santiago. Same as me, I'm working hard with Amanda and Jordan and my father. We're going to be 100%. I'm not struggling to make weight - I'm going to make that clear. I'm going to make weight March 1, and I'm going to become super champion at 108 pounds. 

On signing with Amanda Serrano

It's big- this is the first time I have a manager, and they're doing well. I feel happy, and I feel that my career is going in a good [direction]. I'm so happy, man, and just looking forward to what's next. 

Krystal Rosado

On fighting at home in Puerto Rico

"I am very excited to be here in my hometown and home island of Puerto Rico with my people, with their support, which I know I have."

On Fighting 3 min rounds

Just like Amanda Serrano has done, [placing] women's boxing next to men's boxing, I believe that it is important to keep that tradition up, to show that we are just as worthy and valuable in this sport as men are. 

On if she's nervous to fight before a crowd of 19,000 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico

More than anxious, I'm very enthusiastic to show what I can do in front of my people, but my training keeps me from feeling the nervousness that typically people might feel. But the bottom line is: I'm not nervous. I'm enthusiastic.