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By Mike Johnson on 1/22/2024 7:21 AM


Last Night Legendary Philly Wrestler Tony "The Hitman" Stetson sat down with Chubby Dudley for 4 hours to sit and discuss............


**Getting into the business

**Training at the Monster Factory by Bam Bam Bigelow

**Larry Sharpe the good & bad things he did to him

**Hooking up with Joel Goodhart & the TWA

**Johnny Hot Body & their legendary feud

**Demise of Goodhart & TWA

**Tod Gordon Takeover and ECW Early Days

**Eddie Gilbert being the only booker that never lied to him

**Paul Heyman the truth & lies he was told and promised

**Missed Opportunities that could've changed his career & life

**The Broad St Bully Gimmick

**Being told be Paul E they don't have anything for him anymore

**Going back on the Indy scene

**becoming a booker of an indy called CWC

**His matches he worked for Chubby Dudley's LAW promotion that got him heat

**Retiring & then making a comeback in 2009 at 50 years old

**At 64 years  old now, would he still get in the ring

**What he would've done if he saw Tod before he became Born Again and his reaction now


All this and sooooo much more are discussed in this no holds barred interview!!!


Watch it Here! 




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