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By David Tees on 1/30/2024 7:35 PM

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley isn’t happy with the UFC and his latest beef includes another former UFC fighter in Donald Cerrone.

Woodley recently revealed that he had issues with the UFC because he was being paid a similar amount of money to what Cerrone, who never held a title in the UFC, was paid.

“I was going to leave the UFC after (fighting) Darren Till,” Woodley said on the MIGHTYcast with Demetrious Johnson (transcript via Farah Hannoun of MMA Junkie). “I told them, ‘F*cking cut me, dog. Ya’ll don’t want me here. Why ya’ll keep holding on to me, dog?’ We (kept) fighting and sh*t every fight because you know how I was. I was a gorilla. … I knew the numbers so well. I knew what everybody was making. I’m not finna go out there and be making the same as ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

“That motherf*cker ain’t never touched gold in his life. That’s just a principle thing. Sometimes when you’re an African-American in this game, they think you should just be appreciative. I’m not just appreciative. I’m thankful that you gave me an opportunity, but you didn’t give me the gifts. God gave me the gifts. I’m thankful to him.”

While Woodley held more gold in the UFC, Cerrone competed in the promotion far more times overall, with Woodley fighting 16 times in the UFC and Cerrone competing 38 times in the promotion.

The former welterweight champion also says he went to bat for former UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson as well.

“I argued with them (UFC) over you a couple times,” Woodley said. “It ain’t have sh*t to do with me, but I was like, nah. I was talking numbers. I’m like, when you go to basketball, it don’t matter if Steph Curry throwing a Monster can at somebody’s dome or bust a window out. He can pull a three. He’s going to get paid top dollar.

“You got DJ who got (11) titles, but you going to pay ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone the same as him? Cowboy was making ($350,000). He never touched gold ever. So, your reason behind him making $350,000 per fight is that he never complains, he takes any fight that you offer him, he’ll even fight injured, he’ll even fight last-minute notice. That don’t work for me.”