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By Patrick Brandmeyer on 2/12/2024 7:47 AM


BELLEVILLE-Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds:  Billy McNeil pinned Dirty Ron McDonald ... Waco & Shawn Douglas defeated The Wranglers (Bobby Joe Black & Johnny Joe Black) ... Gil Rogers beat Ax Allwardt ... Bobby D defeated Central States Champion Superstar Steve Fender by disqualification (Fender retained the title) ... Gary Jackson pinned Sean Vincent ... Attila Khan & Kowalski (w/ Stephen E & Lucky P. Larsen) beat Curtis Wylde & Joe Helms (w/ Wyldefyre) ... Classic Champion The Big Texan defeated Payton Ayers (w/ Stephen E) ... The Top Guns (Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti) beat Tag Team Champions The L.A. Hustlers (Bradley Diggs & Lamont Potts) (w/ Lucky P. Larsen) to win the titles.

-Patrick Brandmeyer

EDWARDSVILLE-Cottage Hills Wrestling Alliance at the American Legion:  Jackal won a four-corner match with Big Daddy Dion, Five-Star Jesse Jay, and Ricky Rodriguez ... Shawn Blaze won a triple threat match with Waylon Phoenix and Garrett Shanks ... 1-Up Champion Logan Simmons pinned Rynar The Hooligan ... Jeremy Lightfoot defeated Karti Marti ... International Champion Madi Monarch beat Drew Karter (w/ Iorio The Juggalo) ... Tag Team Champions D.N.X. (David X & Noah) defeated The Junkies For Fame (J.S.O. & Dallas Stevens) to retain the titles ... Mazoku pinned I.P. Mason ... Beast (w/ Mat Maniac) beat Iorio The Juggalo (w/ Drew Karter) ... Interim Heavyweight Champion Alister Crow, Makaze, & Parasyte defeated L-Ride, Angelo Grimsley, & Ramsey Rancid.